Canbury School Newsletter 4th DECember 2020. issue 221

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

One more week to go! Then we are done for this term and 2020 as far as being in school is concerned. You have ALL done marvellously and I cannot say it enough. And now Christmas at Canbury has arrived and so I know we are on count down.

Canbury Christmas has arrived! Whilst we weren't able to go on our annual Year 7 trip to collect the tree, we were still excited to have it delivered and as usual Mrs Rich oversaw the decorating of it, making sure that Matthew A and Orlanda did a very good job of making it look majestic.

We've had another busy week, not helped by the atrocious weather on Thursday with everyone confined to barracks during wet play. But as usual we kept calm and carried on. Next week is sooooo busy that I was exhausted just READING the Christmas week timetable! There is so much to do and remember that we have included it further down in the Newsletter. Do please check that your child has the right equipment for each day next week. You have the weekend to get ready!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Well done to all the year 7 Geographers for the excellent presentations they carried out to the class, informing us all of some fantastic countries across the globe. Every single student took part. Well done!

More stunning artwork from our Year 7s. They'll be exhibiting at the Tate before we know it!

Reenie for answering 488 IXL Mathematics questions this week. She was closely followed by Liz with 473 questions completed. Congratulations to both of you.

Matthew for coming third in the school on Dr Frost Maths this week with 532 points. Well done!

Well done to Sam S, Liz, Morgan (aka David), Alejandro, Mateo, Sam T and Brendan for their accurate contributions in Spanish this week as we revise for the end of module assessment.

Year 8

Karim for completing 677 questions on IXL Mathematics this week, the most of any student in Year 8. Very well done!

Amazing algebra this week by Oli, Angus, Chloe, Thomas, Freddie and Karim. Brilliant work - keep it up.

Excellent effort with Spanish revision from Carlos, Raul, Layla, Manuel, Angus and Karim.

Year 9

Zac, Anders, Orlanda and Flora for their detailed and reflective analysis of various artworks this week in Art.

Well done to Zac for coming first in the school on Dr Frost Maths this week with 1673 points.

Congratulations to Flora for answering 1752 IXL Maths questions and Orlanda who came a close second answering 1011 questions this week

Well done to Carl for winning the ‘Around the World’ table tennis competition on Monday!

Year 10

Year 10 photography students (and one Year 13 student) got very arty with their cameras and some plastic bags this week! It's amazing how creative you can get with a little imagination.

From the top: Alannah, Emilia, Harry A (left), Jack (right), Jasmina (Y13, bottom).

Congratulations to Alannah for answering the most IXL Maths questions in the school this week, 2483! Yes, you read that right!

Excellent results achieved by the Year 10 statisticians in last week’s mock examination, well done to Otti, Matthew, Harry A, Harry L and Shaaiyon.

Alannah for excellent English homework.

Thank you Ain for your positive comments about Spanish! Mrs Porter says she is still in shock!

Well done to the Year 10 historians for their excellent work on Interpretations of Chamberlain and the appeasement policy. Special mention to Otti who achieved a Grade 9.

Year 11

Well done to Alex for coming second in the school on Dr Frost Maths this week with 599 points.

Very well done to Year 11 historians for their performance in the mock examination, with a special mention for Shiroxley for terrific progress this term.

Year 13

Ms Littler would like to say well done to Jasmina and Emily for their beautiful card making.


Year 8 has started mindfulness training as part of the wellbeing curriculum. In their first session they learned about attention and how it's like a torch light because you can direct it at different things. In addition, said Miss Chorazyczewska, it can be likened to a puppy because it constantly wanders around and doesn't stay where you want it to.

The students had fun sitting in the dark and flicking their torchlights on and off. Unfortunately there were no puppies......

But we all know, that mental health is not extra curricular or indeed, just one year group 'thing'. So all years continue to work on their mental health, spreading awareness of the need to look after ourselves, body and mind. Miss Chorazyczewska asks: "What are YOU going to do this weekend to help improve your mental health?"

"Be your whole self" - wise words from Year 11.

No rest for Year 11

No sooner were their mocks over than Year 11 were back in the laboratory doing revision practicals with enzymes. Miss Mountain does like to keep them on task!


This week saw the final week of cross country of the year for all students, writes Mr Barnes. It’s been great to see the progression students have made over the last few weeks and this was evident in numerous students running their best time of the term. A special mention should also go to Mr Wallbank’s group for bracing some quite biblical weather conditions on Thursday afternoon!

Next week will be full of inter house sporting competitions. On Monday we have inter house orienteering at Wimbledon Park, where KS3 students will be testing their endurance, problem solving and map reading skills. On Wednesday and Thursday we also have our annual inter house table tennis competition at the Graham Spicer Institute. May the best House win…

House news and awards

KS4's Just Dance competition saw the following victors:

1st Mr McGregor (is he KS4?)

2nd Harry B

3rd Louis

Elizabeth 30HP - Green Star.

Carl 75HP - Silver Star.

Christmas week timetable at Canbury

Monday 7/12/20

Decorate Christmas Doors - whole school, lesson 4, at their form room doors.

KS3 Inter House Orienteering - games lesson at Wimbledon Park.

KS3 Disco, 4pm-6pm - students to bring party clothes to school and change into them from 3.35pm. Refreshments will be provided. Please collect, or arrange collection, at 6pm promptly. Thank you.

Tuesday 8/12/20

Christmas Door winners to decorate Ms Clancy’s door at lunchtime.

Christmas crackers making - KS4/KS5 meet lesson 5 in the Hall and KS3 meet lesson 6 in the Hall.

Wednesday 9/12/20

Student Christmas Lunch - Students to bring in a festive themed lunch from home. The winner of the most decorated/Christmas inspired lunch will be judged by Ms Clancy.

KS3 Christmas Biscuits - meet lesson 6 in the Hall.

KS4/5 Inter House table tennis games session.

Thursday 10/12/20

KS4/KS5 Christmas biscuits - meet lesson 6 in the Hall.

KS3 Inter House table tennis - games session.

Friday 11/12/20

Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. Please bring in a £2.00 donation and hand to your form tutor.

8:15 - 9:00 Form parties/empty lockers.

9:00 - 10:00 Quiz in form groups (to be supplied to tutors nearer the time).

10:00 -10:20 break-time.

10:30 - 1130 KS3 Panto watched via the Google link (to be shared) in form rooms.

11:30 - 12:00 Assembly watched via the Google link (to be shared) in form rooms.

Students to wait in form rooms to be dismissed by staff at the end of assembly.

12.00 IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! Home time!

Welcome to the world boys!

Take a look at these two scrumptious bambinos! Congratulations to ABA tutor Mrs Senanayake and her husband who as you can imagine have their hands COMPLETELY full this Christmas. Calum and Kai were born on 17th November and are reported to be doing well. Such good news.

Movember is over, and Mr McGregor has ditched the tash!

Thank goodness for that! Whilst we are indebted to Mr McGregor for drawing our attention to, and raising the profile of, the importance of men's good health, we weren't sorry to wave good bye to his moustache. Sorry Mr McG, some people just don't suit that look!