Portfolio ana Flores

Day 1- I built a car out of real wood by myself kind of. I got a block of wood and then i drew a car on the wood. I used a saw and stuff to cut it out, then I sanded it down. I also added wheels and i'm going to paint it.

Day 2 - Today I played with The Snap Circuits. I made a light thing-uh-mh-bobble and it actually lite up. I couldn't find batteries but besides that it was pretty fun and easy. I also made some other circuit stuff.

Day 3- I still worked on the snap circuits. I put different things together to make lights turn on and stuff. Photo Booth isn't working so I couldn't put pictures.

Day 4- Today i made a fan thing. It lit up and blow air and stuff. I also tried to make a clock thing i found, it was hard and i couldn't figure it out. I try to connect diffrent thing but still count do it. It kinda sucked but i mean ig it was fun.

Day 5- Today I built a fan with a light thing. It was really easy all i did was connect a light and a fan to some batteries. Today I also tried to the light tunnel thing but it was complicated and i couldn't figure it out.

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