History of U.S.S.R. Tweet

From @Stalin I have become the sole leader of Soviet Union! #thehistoryofsovietunion #theriseofstalin

From @Stalin By all those factories, I shall build a socialist economy within this five years.#theriseofstalin #sovietunionindustrialization

From @Stalin Collective farm is killing millions of people? It doesn't matter, this will make Soviet Union better!!! #riseofstalin #howevilisstalin

From @Stalin Everyone in the communist party will be EXCUTED or PUT IN PRISON! #howevilisstalin #theriseofstalin

From @Khrushchev Stalin is dead, it took me a long time to become the leader of Soviet Union. #thedeathofstalin #newleaderofsovietunion

From @Khrushchev I am currently the most powerful figure in Soviet Union. I shall bring Soviet Union relative liberalization. #sovietunionleaderkhrushchev #successorofstalin

From @Khrushchev I'm trying to combine foreign and domestic policies, but things don't look well so far.

From @Khrushchev The chief executive committee of the communist party removed me from being the leader.(sad face) #lifeofkhrushchev #sovietunionleaders

From @Brezhnev From now on I'll take the seat of the leader of Soviet Union. #lifeofbrezhnev #leadersofsovietunion

From @Brezhnev We want more authoritarian and less liberal. #thereturnofstalism? #thelifeofbrezhnev

From @Brezhnev I had stroke twice, but I am not quitting... #deathofbrezhnev #sovietunionleaders

From @Gorbachev With my lead, we shall reject the Brezhnev Doctrine. Every communist states no longer need to stay socialist.

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