pyp Exhibition BY AGASTYA SHAH

How We Express Ourselves

Unit Descriptors

The ways in which we discover and express ideas,feelings,nature,culture,beliefs and values.

The ways in which we reflect on,extend and enjoy with creativity.

Our appreciation of the aesthetic.

You can express yourself through ideas

A guest speaker who is a choreographer miss Tanushree came and told us how she expresses herself.

Miss Tanushree teaching us a few steps

A few students told us how they express themselves through musical instruments.

Zeal telling us about his experience with the Tabla
Miss Sonal explaining what she does to photos with us
Miss Kajal showing us a cake she made
Miss Divya talking to us
3,2,1 Action!!!
Mr Kamal telling us about directing
Starting Our Exhibition
After we finished our lines of inquiry and central idea

Meeting our mentors

Meeting our mentors was a fun learning type of experience.They told what we should do,what we have done well and what we are planning to do for our exhibition they said that they will guide us whenever we need help.They were very friendly and also positively complimented our lines of inquiry and central idea.

My reflection of the first 3 weeks in exhibition groups

Week 1- I used to think we would not get along together and co-operate well as we barely knew each other.But we managed to finish the first activity which is the bridge making activity without quarrels or fights. I now think that we can get along well,that we now know each others work and co-operate well and can finish all our activities without any fights.

Week 2- We made a few lines of inquiry to take under consideration and to delete.We also made considerations of central ideas.We then decided when to do our mentor meeting.

Week 3- People express themselves through sports by applying their mind and body that was our central idea we decided on our concepts and concept questions and also finished all our 3 LOI's.

Reflection of group dynamic's

The teachers doing a skit on how we should do exhibition

In this session we learnt how we should be for exhibition when a few teachers showed us what we shouldn't be like while working.It taught us a lot about how we have to be through the unit.

They were acting about how a group wouldn't work on something,copy pasting,bad communication and other problems that could occur during these 9 weeks.Then we were asked to point out to all the mistakes they were doing like what I just said.

They presented 3 skits all that were simple enough for us to point out the mistakes.After that me and my group decided to not do any of those mistakes and be committed to what we had to do.

The town hall meeting

The teachers had a town hall meeting in which they showed us how to make lemonade.They showed us how it could be connected to exhibition and teamwork.It was a very helpful session.We also got to know how our exhibition t-shirts were.

Geese in their formation

We also saw a video about the formation of geese how every goose needs to be supportive of one an other.They also need to have a lot of attitudes like being risk-takers and confident that they can survive and get through all difficulties.They switch the lead bird once a lead bird is tired and the formation is made in a particular way based on each birds strengths and weaknesses.

A group self assessment


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