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  • Followers are called: Christians
  • 2.2 billion Christians (32 percent of the world's population).
  • Most Christians live: As of 2010, the countries with the largest number of Christians are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the Philippines
  • How it began: Jesus grew up in Israel under the care of his earthly parents called Mary and Joseph and was taught in the ways of Judaism. However, when he reached the age of 30, he began his own ministry which ushered in Christianity. He taught that human beings could only enter the kingdom of God if they accepted him as the son of God and repented from their evil deeds.
  • When it began:first century A.D.
  • Where it began: Israel
  • Jesus was the primary prophet
  • Jesus died but his teachings were still there . His teachings were spread through the Jewish empire
  • God-Christians only believe in one god .the basic beliefs are that Jesus is the son of god and god is the father , the son , and the Holy Spirit . The behavior is to do good .
  • The sacred text is the holy bible
  • Place of worship is church
  • Symbols: the symbol is a cross it was made for Jesus sin and death and it reminds Christians of gods love in for sacraficed his son
  • Celebrations: Christmas, Easter, advent, Lent, Holy Week
  • Fact:Christians believe in one God that created heaven, Earth and the universe.


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