Magic Power By Rachel Shen

Hua hua bang-- the sky starts to rain dogs.

In the crowded neighborhood on the town of Wilmette, there lives the magical Hokkins. In the huge house, Mrs. Miller, Emma’s grandmother is hanging out with her friends, playing bingo. In the other side of the house, Emma is arguing with her older brother Tom about what they are going to have for dinner.

Suddenly, Emma turns her body, focuses her eyes on her hands, and saying some secret language quietly yet quickly. Then BOOM, dogs start to fall from the sky -- real dogs! Some of them looks like a super dog, some of them are with rain boots, and there is one dog that looks like it is diving. Her grandma’s friends quickly run around her, full of surprise. Yet her grandma, puts on a secret smile on her face.

Her brother is very jealous of Emma’s superpower, because only girls in the family gets the inheritance. Every time when Emma is mad, she will make the sky “rain”. But Emma does this a lot, and her brother hates it. One day, her brother came up with a secret bottle of water. If Emma drinks it, then she will lose her superpower.

“Hey Emma, i made you some green tea.” says her brother softly.

“Oh thank you Tom.”

This is the first time that her brother acts so nice to her, so Emma starts to drink without any thinking. “Starting now, we will be equal.” Tom thinks and stares at the cup with his big eyes.

The next day, Hua hua bang--- nothing worked. Emma realizes she losses her superpower, but have no idea how. But starting that day, she is determined to use her talent, and relearn the superpower from her grandma. And her brother decides to keep this secret for forever and that this is the best ending for everyone.

Created By
Rachel Shen

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