Florida By mégane Boutin

According to recent surveys, Florida state count approximately 20 272 271 people.

This is the official flag of the state:

A lot of people love the type of climate of Florida. It's a typical tropical climate. For exemple, the highest temperature that they have is 34*C and the lowest is 16*C. It's because there is no part of the state that is distant of the sea.
One of my top three attractions in Florida is the Universal Studio. It's located in Orlando. Universal Studio Floride is a park's theme of movies, television's show etc.. In the park, there's like little sections. The most famous one are Harry Potter, Despicable Me, The Simpsons and others.
The second one is Walt Disney World Resort. That's the dream of every little girls and boys! It's simply magical! It's opened on October 1, 1971, Walt Disney World is the most visited vacation resort in the world, with approximately of over 52 million people annually. This is a giant park... twenty-seven themed resort hotels, nine Disney hotels, four theme parks, two water parks, golf courses, a camping resort and more! There is always the beautiful princesses ans mascots of our childhood like Cindrella, Snow White, Scooby Doo etc.
SeaWorld's Orlando Florida theme park offers roller coasters, rides, shows, tours, attractions and for sure specials shows with marine mammals. The park count approximately each year more than 4,7 millions of visitors ranking it the tenth most visited amusement park in the United States and twenty-second in the world.
An other attraction that I like is the Everglades National Park. It is the third-largest national park in the lower 48 states. It's a safe place for the threatened species like the florida panthers, crocodiles, a lot of birds, reptiles and fishes. People are moving in boat and generally with a guide.

The most popular food in Florida is the orange. Production of orange juice represent 85 percent of the world market. 90 percent of Florida’s production is consumed in the USA. There is a lot of producer but the most important one is Orange County Florida.

The most popular drink in Florida is the mojitos. It's made with lime or lemon juice, tequila, triple sec and they generally add salt on the rim of the glass.

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