The Trapped Written by: Gaby Gonzalez

It was me. It was her. Or was it us? Being caught in...all of this? All the lies. It was time we knew what we had being doing this whole time.

It was June 14th 2010, my first day as a high school science teacher at Walker Valley High. On my way in, it was hard to think that my mission was so easy yet so hard to complete. The constant nerves of what might happen with a sudden suspicious move.

My mother warned me about him. How he was a danger to our family. But yet, I was still undercover to save our life for what he had done that us back then. Mother wouldn't tell me what happened. She told me she would never but I told her, “I’m going to find out.”

Ever since my dad ran away when I was 2, life's been tough. I wish I had know why he ran, but not all things are forever. My life's been full of scratches and burn marks all throughout, but I’m willing to keep going.

As I made my way to the class, I noticed this quite beautiful lady. She was sitting at her desk doing some paperwork. She was the most stunning person I have ever seen. She had the kind of smile that made you fall head over heels for her.

When I got in my class, my students were waiting outside of the door.

“Sorry, I’m a little late,” I said as I quickly opened the door and turned on the lights. They all quickly sat on a desk as I announced, “Hello, my name is Stefan Holloway, but call me Mr. Holloway.”

Hours passed and the day was about the end. As the bell rang, the students rapidly made their way out, “And don't forget to pick up your homework for today, we will go over it tomorrow.”

Making my way back to the car, my mind seemed to be going everywhere. I did not once see the man, I was on a mission to look for, at the school. Was it a mistake that he did not actually work there?

“OW!” I had just bumped into a lady.

“I'm sor-,” I had froze there, standing like an idiot.

“It's okay,” she said chuckling away.

“You're Ava, right?” I said as she was smiling at me.

“Yes, how'd you know?” she asked.

“Well I noticed you when I was on my way to my class and I looked at the name tag outside of your office. You seemed busy so I didn't want to bother you,” I said. “To be honest with you, I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.” She smiled even bigger than before.

“Thanks, you're not too shabby yourself,” she said as she flirted back with me. “How about we go to coffee tomorrow?” she asked.

“I think that would be great,” I said delightfully.

“So I guess I'll see you tomorrow!” she said as she left quickly before I could answer.

The next morning class went by fast and the end of the day already here.

There he was, that was him. As he was leaving his class, I sneakily made my way into it. I searched through this desk, drawer by drawer. AHA! There it was. It looked like the most precious metal I had ever seen. I quickly made my way out before anyone could catch me.

As I was going out, he was getting in his car. When he drove away, I made sure to look at the license plate in case of an emergency. Then, I started to make my room way to the coffee diner.

When I got there, I saw Ava. “Looking as beautiful as always,” I said as I sat on the table. We talked and talked but then something a little off happened. As I removed my jacket, she noticed the necklace I had on me.

When I was little, my mom gave me that necklace. She had told me to never give it to anyone. It had the letter “A” on it. She said that in the future, I will find someone who I truly care about with the letter “A” but I hadn't met anyone with the letter “A” before Ava.

“Um, I uh- have to go,” she said while shivering.

“Wait why? What fo-” I said as she was leaving. She left before I could even speak. I chased her but it was too late. She drove off in her car.

But wait. It couldn't be. That was the car. The one I had seen the day before. The same license plate. Could the man I was looking for have been her...father?


The next day, she calls me and apologizes of what happened the night before.

“I'm sorry, Stefan,” she said with sorrow, “but there's something I have to tell you. That- that necklace, where'd you get it?” she asked.

“My mom gave it to me...when I was 7, why?” I questioned back.

“It's cause, well, my dad sent me on a mission to get that necklace. So I went undercover as the school counselor. I didn't know who had it. He told me that it was someone at Walker Valley High. Yesterday, when I found out you were the person that had that necklace, my heart stopped. My dad had said that who ever had it, I must kill them so we can open the secret passageway that he didn't want to tell me about. My dad had the key to open the passageway, but I needed your necklace to see what's inside that tomb. He said it was a secret and he didn't trust me keeping it. So I still don't know what remains in there, but I have a feeling it's bad and I don't want it to ruin anything for us. You see yesterday I started crying because I knew my dad was going to make me hurt you, but I didn't want to. You've been the only person that likes me for me and not for anything else. I couldn't imagine anything happening to you. I have always needed someone like you.” she said with sympathy.

“Wow, Ava, I don't know what to say,” I said in shock. “It all makes sense now. My mom only wanted me to get the key so she could be the first to open the passageway and get what's inside the tomb. How can someone be so selfish? Letting me do the dirty work?”

“Okay, I have an idea,” she said.

We had both agreed to go to the passageway the next morning to end what they had started.


As dawn came upon us, I drove and met Ava by the forest. She led the way to the passageway and there it was. An old, ancient piece of giant stone. She had told me that her mom always took her there when she was little. One day when she was playing there, she heard a shriek. Her dad was waiting for her and her mom inside the car. She quickly ran for her dad’s help but they couldn't find her mom. As her dad kept searching, he noticed that the passageway was shut. Ava had said that it was open before her mom went missing. Til this day, her dad believed that her mom was still in there.

When the police showed up for the investigation, Ava's dad had remembered that my dad and his wife were best friends but they had got into a heated argument the night before she went missing. He went to my mother’s house and started beating up my dad, thinking that he was the reason Ava's mom was either missing or killed. I was just a year old and I couldn't remember anything happening that night. I was too young. From that day on, Ava's dad always wanted revenge on my family, but she never knew that I was the son of Brooklynn Holloway.

I was in silent shock for a whole minute.

“Let's destroy the key and the necklace,” Ava said.

Without words I nodded and we smashed them both until they were broken.

Maybe it was the fact that Ava wasn't ready to find out that her mom was possibly dead. Maybe my father did kill her mom and he never really ran away. Maybe he killed himself after Ava's dad beat him up know that what he did was wrong. Maybe it was all a myth and they both went missing. But til’ this day, I have not visited that tomb...and I look back at it as a faded memory to never speak of.



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