Let's play The Great Jonesborough Scavenger Hunt

version 3.0

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Welcome to the Great Jonesborough Scavenger Hunt. Follow the clues to find codes hidden throughout Downtown Jonesborough. Scan the codes with a QR reader to get the next clue. Good luck!

Look for the QR codes throughout downtown. Keep your QR Reader App open to scan the codes each time you find your destination.

Phone running out of juice? Hop over to the Visitors Center to charge your phone at their charging station!
RULES: Let's keep this fun and fair for everyone. DO NOT SHARE CLUES on social media or via text. Each location you visit is geotagged. Feel free to take selfies along the way using #JBOhunt (just don't give away the QR code locations in the process). Good luck! :-)
Okay, here we go! Best of luck to ya!

Clue #1

(Each clue contains a limerick and photos)

Visitors often stop by

And pick up a pamphlet to try

All the fun things to do,

So go grab a few,

And there the first code you will spy.

Still searching? These should help.