Magic Kingdom where magic is born

Did you know that Magic kingdom was the first park opened in Florida,Orlando? Since the Magic Kingdom is the first park more people might recommend it to you. Read on to find out about the 5 lands, the popular rides in each 5 lands, and more. These facts will be the most helpful for navigating and planning of the Magic Kingdom. Have a great time reading.


Land 1, tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is what it sounds like if you know what I mean; But if you don’t I shall explain. Tomorrowland is made to look futuristic including the rides. There is a ride called Stitch’s Great Escape which is an alien that breaks out of its containment cell which is bad. After it breaks out it will sneak out after giving you and the other humans a visit ( fun fact, to find more about stitch by watching Stitch and Milo a disney production.).This is one of the most popular rides in Tomorrowland. Another popular ride in tomorrowland is Buzz Lightyear. In Buzz Lightyear you need to stop the evil Emperor Zurg! From stealing the green aliens’ batteries by attacking the “Z”s on Zurg’s robots. One of the most popular shops in Tomorrowland is space traders. In space traders you can find merchandise, videogames, toys, and most importantly Mickey ears also clothes. It is always having people come in and shop even if there is not a lot of them, but it does have some of the future’s merchandise.


Land 2, Mainstreet.

Mainstreet is the first land that you will go into the Magic kingdom. There are shops everywhere. You will also see a old style fire station where you can get Magic Cards that you can use in special spots around all of the Magic Kingdom . First let us visit Town Hall. Town Hall is guest services where guests can ask questions about the Magic Kingdom. In the waiting room they show on a tv Lady and the Tramp a Disney movie. The shops are a whole other thing, there are a bunch for clothes,toy, and souvenirs. You visit the restaurant crystal palace for brunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Now finally the most beloved part of mainstreet Cinderella's Castle which is by the way is in the main entrance in the park.


Land 3, fantasyland.

Fantasyland is where Cinderella, Bell, all princes\princess homes. One of the most crowded rides is “It’s a small world.” It is mostly crowded so good luck getting on. Another polluted ride is dwarfs’ mine train. It is a roller coaster that will surprise you if you believe what you see. When you are done with every single ride there is a shop relevant to the ride you were on and sometimes there were pictures you can save on your band or card. There are some restaurants such as be our guest in Bell’s castle and Gaston's hut.


Frontierland, land 4

Frontierland is supposed to represent the wild west in a way with the theme. A good roller coaster ride there is Thunder Mountain. If you like fast turning, going up high, and dropping low, then Thunder Mountain is the right place for you. If that isn’t thrilling enough for you then go to Splash Mountain. If you like no stopping and just plain thrill then Splash Mountain IS NOT A PLACE FOR YOU! It is a place if you want a little story in the ride near the end of the story there is a big drop If you get heart attacks easily do not ride this ride because you will feel a really good thrill that makes you heart feel like it is flying out of your chest.

Adventureland,land 5

Adventureland is a literal land of adventure. There is a quest you can do but the rides are more important. Pirates of the Caribbean is a ride that tells you a story of Jack Sparrow. You should also look for hidden Mickeys which are hidden Mickey heads made in every old ride in the Magic Kingdom. It is worth the time to look for them. Jungle Cruise is a whole different ride it is a ride where you see Fake Animals and learn about them in a fun way. These are all great reasons to go to the Magic Kingdom, so why not go?

End of the Kingdom tour.

Disney’s magic kingdom is great place to go so remember, go if you can get a chance and Stitch is waiting for your arrival. Here is a quick fact for you to get more experience get a fastpass. They let you go into line fast pass line which is faster than the regular line. You also need to be prepared for the weather in Orlando. You have also have to plan wisely by the time. If you have a young child I would suggest not staying up till 10:00. Do not get discouraged your first time in Disney World with a child because it is your first time and soon after that you will know some tricks.


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