The infinity Gauntlet Fictional Prototyping...

About the Fictional Prototype: For our HCC 613-User Interface prototyping and design class we had to choose a device used in a ScI-Fii movie or comic book or tv show and create a screen interface for it.I chose thanos Infinity Gauntlet and the process in doing so is given below.




"Time Gem: Controls over all aspects of time including slowing and accelerating the aging."


"Space Gem: Limitless manipulation of space allowing Teleportation, Interfaces wit motion of other objects."


"Soul Gem: controls the life and death, reverts the individuals natural state. TASK 4:"


"Reality Gem: Alters the natural laws of the universe and can intervene between th matter and space."


"Power Gem: Controls strength and durability and can enhance power from anythi that holds power.Also gives power to all the other stones."


"Mind Gem: Taps the user into the universal consciousness, allowing for unlimited manipulation and psionic abilities such as telekinesis, Empathy."

All about IDEATION


I used mind mapping and chain storming technique for the individual brainstorming knowing the facts about the device.Mind mapping technique involves in creating a map between the

device and the input and output and establish connection with the device.Considering the way the device functions in the real comic and movies.

I considered Mind ,gestures ,screen and some unknown interface which I was trying to figure out how that would interact with the device.For gestures I thought of using unique gestures for each task or for each infinity gem and the user can use the gesture to invoke the power of the infinity gem.

The advantage of doing so is that all ideas were written down by not ignoring the small details and that helped me map the input interactions and the feedback mechanism.

After brainstorming I came across the following input mechanism.

  • Gestures: Using unique gestures for each infinity gem.

That can invoke the power of the gem.

  • Voice: Brain Computer interaction : Where an AI can be used to gauge the data the user gives to enable the power.
  • Screen: Using touch task can be enabled to be used for whatever context.

Using chains storming I connected the facts about the device which I found earlier and created a mind map.

Group: Rapid Ideation

I used this technique to quickly gauge all the data that is available and cause I think I perform or generate better ideas when in time pressure.The whole rapid ideation happens like this as to how the leader talks about the whole context, time frame, questions to be asked, topics, and other information in the group and the group basically starts writing down all the ideas possible without eliminating anything. And so Me and two friends of mine came up with ideation and wrote it down and established connection with the device.


After several user critiques,I changed the medium fidelity prototype based on the user's use and choose the right color palette and typeface.

We were introduced to Extraordinaires and storyboarding concept in order to make use of technology for a fictional device.


Came up with a script and made my first video ,putting all of this in one platform.


Final Version-Gauntlet Video

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