Learning Objective #2: Self Management Time management self study

Using time ineffectively is what college students--and students in general--do best, which leads to a list of complications, including doing poorly in school. These ‘complications’ are usually the result of unproductive study habits including lack of planning, too much free time, having too many activities and a lack of structure. This exhibit prompts students to adopt methods that help them to use their time effectively, creating a system that makes them do what they can in the allotted time and to also have free time to enjoy themselves. Using methods and studies from class readings and presentations, students learn a new way of doing things and can reflect back and see what worked, what didn’t and what they’ve been personally doing wrong so that they can fix it.

Objective: Learn and put into practice multiple self-management strategies, including: time management, personal wellness, financial literacy, campus resource utilization, and knowledge of academic policies

Part 1: Creating a Plan

Semester Plan:The Big Picture

Monthly Calendars/Plans: includes projects, tests, quizzes, homework, University holidays, social events and to-do lists

Weekly Plan:The Ideal Week

The Ideal Week: the weekly details, planned to the hour. Includes all classes, breakfast/lunch/dinner times, study sessions, review sessions, and any club commitments

Daily Plan:The Nitty Gritty

Daily Details: Includes daily reminders and to-dos.

The planner shows homework that needs to be done or that has been completed, as seen through the bullets that are marked through. The sticky notes show prioritized lists that need to be completed by the end of the day

These sticky note to-do lists are prioritized A, B, C; A - high priority (must do today!), B - medium priority (not due today but due soon!), C - low priority (due later in life!)

Part 2: Monitor the Implementation of Your Plan

The activities of the day can be put into four categories or "quadrants". The picture above shows what quadrant each activity or event would fall into. Part 2 of this Learning Objective will explore my schedule for three consecutive days and which quadrant each activity falls into in order to find where I spend most of my time.

Day 1 (2/8/2017)

Journal - Day 1 (2/8/2017)

Today, I woke up at 8:15, which already deviated from my schedule but I am still recovering from the flu, so I gave myself those extra fifteen minutes in order to get a little bit more rest and recovery. From 8:15-8:50, I get ready: brush teeth, brush hair, apply makeup, read my Bible and eat some breakfast in my dorm. I head out at 8:50 in order to get to class earlier to look over my Spanish notes one more time because I have a Spanish test today. From 8:56-9:05, I take one last look at everything and get mentally prepared. From 9:05-9:45, I'm in Spanish, being a good student and taking my test. I get out ten minutes early because of the test (score!) and decide that Starbucks is probably the best pick me up and so I decide to wait in the very long Starbucks line for fifteen minutes. I probably wouldn't have waited that long if it was just my coffee I was getting (I also got some for a friend too.) After that, I head to Anthropology and I'm in there from 10:10-11:00. So far, everything except for my wake up time is going on schedule. After Anthropology, I head to my dorm to have a break, where I watch Netflix, scope through Instagram and plan/pack for my "Mountain Weekend" trip this weekend with the Sailing Team. At 12, I go to Core to have lunch with the Campus Outreach group where I get to see and talk to friends. I stay and talk and eat in there until 12:50, which doesn't interfere with anything in the schedule, however I didn't review at lunch because honestly I'd rather talk with my friends than review by myself. And this was a special lunch that I don't get to go to often, so I thought I'd let myself slide with the review today. From 1-1:10, I finish up some reading for CU1010 and then I'm off to Stats class from 1:25-2:15. After Stats, I walk over to the Academic Success Building and finish my CU1010 catch-up reading from 2:16-2:25. CU1010 starts at 2:30 and ends at 3:45 today because it is a Wednesday and on Wednesday's we stay in there the whole time in order to work on our portfolios a little bit. From 3:50/4:00-ish to 5:50, I have an intense study session in Cooper Library. I leave a little bit early because I'm meeting friends for dinner, which is from 5:50-6:30 in Core. After that I go back to my dorm and go on Instagram until 7. Wow, I didn't realize how much time I spend on there. From 7:00-8:30, I have an unplanned hang out with friends and then after that, I walk over to my Campus Outreach meeting all the way in Hendrix, so it takes me 15 minutes to walk over there. The meeting lasts from 9-10 and then afterwards we always go to Cookout and eat and talk and hang out, which I see as relationship building. I get home at 12 and then start to do my nightly rituals until 12:30ish (brush teeth, put on pajamas, etc.) Then at 1, I go to bed! Overall, the day was pretty set to schedule.

Day 2 (2/9/2017)

Journal - Day 2 (2/9/2017)

Let me start by saying this: this was not a very productive day. There I said it, now lets dive in. At 7:30, I sprung out of bed because I forgot that I had an assignment due at 7 that morning. It was currently 7:30 (I was quite frustrated with myself because I remembered that I meant to remind myself to do it once I got home from CookOut last night but I totally forgot. I did the assignment anyway and turned it in, even though it was late. I also freaked out because I thought this portfolio was due tomorrow and worked on it from 7:30-12:15, even skipping Shag class in order to try to get things done. I later realized that the portfolio was due NEXT Friday and felt quite stupid but applauded how much work I had gotten done in such a short amount of time. At 12:15, I headed over to Core to each lunch and annotate some readings for English that we were going to talk about today. At 1:40, I head over to Daniel, which is where my English class is and get there at about 1:50. From 1:50-2:00, I talk with some friends about the reading and wait for class to start. From 2:00-3:15, I'm in English and then from 3:15-6:00, I have an intense study session in the library. I might as well be some-what productive today since I missed Shag class and spent all my time and energy on a project that isn't due for another week. At 6, some friends and I decide to go to All In in downtown Clemson, which is my favorite place on campus and explains why I was so excited to go. We're there until 8:00, during which we play the Game of Life and talk and chat and laugh and it's only until one of my other friends arrives that I realize that I totally (and I mean TOTALLY and UTTERLY) forgot that I had Stats Lab tonight and that I missed it. Wow, 2 classes in one day. It's okay for both of them though because we are allowed one absence that can be dropped so I just have to go to every single class/lab from now on (which I should be doing anyway.) From 8:00-8:15, we head back from All In and then from 8:15-10:00, I watch Netflix because I'm still tired from my bout of the flu that is still trying to get out of my system and I'm tired from all of my worrying today over projects and missed classes. And so I decide Netflix is the solution. From 10:00-10:30, I look over my notes and review a little bit and then from 10:30-10:50, I do my nightly rituals (brush teeth, brush hair, put on pj's, etc.) After that, I'm in bed by 11. Overall, not a very productive day and barely anything went according to schedule except for waking up, English, lunch, and my study session.

Day 3 (2/10/2017)

Journal - Day 3 (2/10/2017)

Friday was a little bit different, but I expected it to be. I'm going on a Mountain Weekend trip with the Sailing Team and I knew that I needed to pack everything and I also knew that my roommates parents were coming into town, so it was just a very busy day. I woke up at 8:00 (wow I actually woke up on time today!) and from 8:00-8:50 I got ready (hair, makeup, teeth, clothes; you know the drill.) From 8:50-8:57, I walk over to Daniel where my Spanish class is and then from 9:05-9:55, I'm in Spanish. After that, I head over to Anthropology, which is from 10:10 to 11:00. After that, I head back to my dorm and pack until 12:00. In an effort to stick to schedule, I grab a quick lunch at Core from 12:00 to 12:20 and then head back to my dorm to finish packing until 12:25. At 12:25, my roommate (Lynsie)'s parents arrive and we exchange hugs and pleasantries and they tell us that they're taking us to The Smoking Pig (which I've never been but I've heard amazing things about. Also, my Core lunch sucked, so I'm excited for real food.) We stay at The Smoking Pig from 1:00 until 2:45 and the food was AMAZING!!! At 2:45, we drove back to campus, which took 15 minutes and I finish packing everything at 3:30. After that, one of my friends that are going on the weekend trip picks me up and we head off to Gatlinburg, which was a very long drive to say the least. We arrived at the cabin site at 8:00 and settle in until 9:00. At 9:00, the whole group ate dinner together and bonded until 10:00, after which we all explored the cabin (it was huge and so nice!) and had fun. I finally went to bed around 2. Overall, not totally according to schedule (at least the later part of the day, but then again, I hadn't expected it to.)

Part 3: Evaluate and Revise

Successes and Failures:

The first day that I recorded was an overall success! And then the second day was an absolute failure. And the third day was a weird day, one that would be considered an outlier in statistics because it wasn't a normal Friday and the schedule was all messed up. The one major difference between the first two days was how hard I was willing to try to stick to my set schedule. This experiment shows me the effects of actually sticking to a schedule but also the effects of not preparing for the next day's schedule. Decisions made on Day 1 definitely affected Day 2 and probably made it worse when it could've been so much better. Success is created from how hard you are willing to work and this experiment shows me no only that I need to work harder to maintain a schedule but that I also want to work harder.

What Can Be Done to Improve?

Honestly, the plan was good. It was a nice, laid out plan that showed what I should be doing hour by hour and I think I want to keep it because I really like it. The one and only problem about this plan is me. I need to buckle down and stick to it in order to see results and to be more organized and on top of things. I also need to be on my phone less and spend less time with friends and more time cracking the books (although one could argue--and I would--that friend time is apart of relationship building and is important for mental and social health.) I need to think ahead and look at the weekly and semester plans instead of just looking at what I have to do for that day. I also realized that I need to have the desire to improve. Only the desire to do better and the drive to push this desire will create change.


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