What is it? Cloning is the different processes to created genetically identical copies of an organism

Is it used today? Yes it is used in today┬┤s society

Are there ethical issues? There are religiousa and societal ethical issues

Pro- copies made of animals with the potential benefits for the fields of medicine and agriculture

Con-its inefficient

Tech' the tech used is used to split embryos to make these clones

Gnome' it is the basic iingredient for cloning


What is it? Gmo's are plants or animals that are genetically modified

Is it used today? Yes it is

Issues? Moral issues and other scientists

Pro- could feed millions in the future

Con- genomes may no respond the right way

Tech- the tech used is used to extract or insert genomes

Genomes- the materials being tested

Stem cells' adult vs embryo

What is it? An ongoing argument of do stem cells from adults have the same capacity or potential of embryos

Is it used today? The argument is still going on

Issues? There are little to no issues

Pro- doesnt harm the adult stem cells

Con-the embryonic cells are sometimes rejected when put back in the body

Tech' the tech used is used to extract and implant the cells

Genomes- the genomes make up the cells

Fingerprinting and crime investigation

What is it? Used to compare DNA from crime scene to DNA of suspects

Is it used today? Yes it is used today

Issues? There are no mentioned issues

Pro- can find atttackers or killers

Con' there are rare misidentifications

Tech'used to compare the crime sample to swamples in the archive

Genomes-genomes make up the DNA used

Ancestors and paternity kits

What is it? Kits or things used to tell you you where your ancestors are from

Used today? Yes

Iissues? There are no issues

Pro- helps find out where your ancestors came from

Con- takes quite some time

Tech- splits the DNA to detttermine where its from

Genomes- makes up the DNA used


What iris it? Has many uses

Used today? Yes

Issues? Unknown

Pro- convenient when lil DNA is presented

Con- it needs many tools

Tech- chemicals and tools

Genomes- make up the DNA used

Gel Electrophoresis

What is it? It estimates size of DNA fragments

Used today? Yes

issues? Unknown

Pro- tell sDNA sizes

Con- isn't exactly accurate

Tech- uv lights

Genomes- it makes up the DNA fragments

Transgenetic organisms

What is it? Genetic engineering

Used today? Yes

Issues? Some people may see it as inhumane

Pro- used to get vitamins that place are deficient in

Con- may endanger thee organism

The- tools used to engineer the cells

Genomes- make up the DNA that is engineered or messed with


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