Renewable and non renewable energy By Abigail Aonso 10B

What are Renewable and Non-Renewable energys?

Renewable and Non-Renewable are the two main types of energy sources. Both Renewable and Non-Renewable are mostly used to generate electricity.

But both are completely different.

Wind turbines


Renewable energy resources will never ever run out the energy can be "renewed" and it is already producing electricity. Renewable energy is collected from natural resources around the plant. For example; the wind, sun and rain.


Solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells which make the sun light turn into electricity. This electricity can then be used in houses and other buildings in normal electrical supply's to run your home how you want. They are an environmental friendly resource and the electricity produced by them will be used to generate the appliances in your home right now, and any wasted energy not used will be transferred to the grid on the face of the panel.

Here are some Pros and Cons on solar energy.


•Produces renewable energy.

•They provide clean energy.

•They can save and earn you money.

•Easy intallation and maintenance.

•Increase the value of your house.


•They can cost a lot at the start.

•They don't produce constant electricity.

•They don't suit everyone.

•There not that appealing to look at.

•They can take up a LOT of space.


Electricity can also be produced by using the power of the waves. Electricity generators can be placed on the surface on the water out to sea and the energy output is determined by the height of the wave, the wave speed, the wave length and by the density of the water.

Here are the pros and cons on wave power.


•They are green to the planet.

•They are renewable.

•Enormous energy potential.

•Very reliable.

•Area efficient.

•You won't even notice they are there.


•They can cost quite a lot.

•They could interfere with offshore activities.



Non-Renewable Energy resources will eventually run out one day. unfortunately they all do damage to the environment but they also provide us with most of our energy. Non Renewable energy sources are usually called fossil fuels.


Crude oil is a dark thick substance mainly used in liquid form. The oil is found deep deep underground and is extracted out from rock to use to produce electricity. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago int the seas and oceans, dead plankton and plants would smother the waters and eventually sink down to the sea bed and bury them self in layers of sand and mud. Over time heat and pressure turned the dead matter into crude oil and natural gases.

The oil is extracted and is burned to heat up water and to produce steam. The stream is then used to propel turbines which are attached to generators which them produce electricity for people.

Here are some pros and cons about using crude oil to produce electricity.


•Crude oil can be easily transported by a network of pipelines.

•Oil fired power stations can be pretty much built anywhere.


•Crude oil is a NON renewable source so this means it will run out one day and we won't be able to rely on it one day.

•When the oil is burned it produces carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas which causes pollution and contributes to global warming.

•Crude oil has to be imported from around the world which can be really expensive to keep carrying on doing.

•It is he most expensive fossil fuel compared to others like coal and gas.

So to conclude crude oil isn't the best way to produce electricity for a number of reasons from being to expensive, contributing with global warming and that one day we will run out of it and we won't be able to use to produce electricity ever again. Saying that, that goes for any type of Non-Renewable energy source world wide we use.


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