Oldham County Middle School September 22, 2019

"Family Day" was a huge success with our Families as they all chose different themes!
Grades and Midterms

We are already 1/8th of the way through our year as this next week is midterms, For those parents of 7th and 8th grade students, you might remember the mid-terms include letter grades illustrating how your child has done so far. For our 6th grade parents, this may be the first time your child has gotten a letter grade. Our Mid-terms (and report cards) mark an important element of OCMS- proof of student learning. It is really powerful if you ask a few probing questions of your child in reflecting on their grades.

As you look at the grades, please understand a few items about the grading policy at OCMS:

1. If a student ATTEMPTS a grade or assessment, they cannot recieve lower than a 60%. Even if they fail it with a 14%, the grade listed in the grade book will be a 60%. This allows the student to still maintain an accurate picture of their learning without "crashing" their overall grades with one or two assignments.

2. If a student does not attempt an assignment, the grade will be a 50% (F) and flagged "Missing". Infinite Campus will send you a notification if you have it set up to do so.

3. We are on a rolling grade system meaning the students do not get to start over with a fresh slate in the 2nd trimester. The grades will continue to average through the year until the very final grade is issued.

Ask your child how the grade was formed? Was it from classwork? Quizzes? Participation? Tests? Ensure you and your child understand the pieces that went in to earning the grade.

Question if your child is satisfied with the grade. If not, what could the child do to improve prior to the report card.

Discuss your child’s goals for the remainder of the trimester prior to the full report card. What is their plan to (a) keep the grade or (b) improve the grade.

Consider reaching out to our teachers if you have further questions or concerns about the level of learning your student is showing you.

Finally, find points of praise. Look for areas that you can find to encourage your child for the hard work they (hopefully) have been showing. Remember, mid-terms are a snap-shot illustrating the learning and are able to improve prior to the final report card grade.

Please share with your child this coming Thursday is Kentucky Kids Day. To celebrate, we are challenging our students to dress like the teachers and the teachers to dress like the students.

Any questions or concerns, let us know! Thanks!

Alissa Richards, Principal

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Alissa Richards


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