Faces of Yuba Water Joe Davis, Hydroelectric Compliance Engineer

Photo: Davis demonstrates how hydroelectric power generation works during a local school event.

Yuba Water Agency's Hydroelectric Compliance Engineer Joe Davis is part of the team that ensures the agency remains safe and compliant in its operations. Learn more about what it takes to meet the many regulatory requirements and standards at the agency's facilities and job sites.

What do you do for Yuba Water Agency?

I help create the policies and procedures for maintaining compliance. I also help conduct audits and inspections, as well as work on a lot of different teams to ensure compliance for many aspects of the agency, including everything from safety to electric reliability.

Have your essential duties changed due to COVID-19? If so, how?

COVID-19 has had a big impact on compliance and regulatory requirements. What was once a mandatory activity is now viewed as a high-risk situation and not acceptable. I spend a good amount of time trying to understand what our requirements are and ensuring the agency maintains compliance in these odd times. As a member of the California Air National Guard, I also spent a couple months outside of the agency supporting food bank, medical and shelter logistics.

Photo: Davis, his son and brothers show their support for the Ohio State Buckeyes at the Rose Bowl.

Tell us more about your experience helping residents during COVID-19.

I was deployed to the 115th Joint Task Force (JTF) as the Senior Information Control Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge. The 115th JTF was brought together to help the many residents of California with medical logistics, food bank and shelter support. We had to assess the needs at various locations and develop logistics plans to ensure the safety of our force, while meeting the demands at the various sites.

As the Senior Information Control, I was primarily in charge of collecting and summarizing all field data from each section within the JTF (logistics, intel, communications and operations), as well as the information provided by the brigades, battalions, and subsequent squads and teams for all 1,200 soldiers and airman assigned to our JTF.

My primary objective was to provide up-to-the-hour data in a digestible format for the colonel, generals and staff to make data-driven decisions. If I were to have misinterpreted any data that could have led to a bad decision. I took over for a couple of officers and worked to improve the process in order to get the most accurate information available by the suspense deadline throughout the day. If any updates were requested, I had a process to get the correct info as quickly as possible. My team had to quickly establish relationships with the various components in the task force in order to effectively complete our mission.

Davis poses with his wife and children.

What do you enjoy most about working for Yuba Water Agency?

I really enjoy the amazing scenery and wonderful people. It is also a very satisfying place to work as you know your job directly effects your coworkers and the people of Yuba County.

Tell us something about yourself that most of us don’t know.

I have five amazing kids, and I coach basketball and football with them. I am also the Enlisted Council President for the 195th Wing at Beale AFB.

What do you like to do in your free time?

What’s that?! I like to watch my oldest two, Logan and Nathan, play sports, watch the office with my oldest daughter, Paysen, and drink “coffee” with Adaline (fourth baby). The new baby, Elaina, just likes to giggle. My wife and I play backgammon (she’s crazy good) and my sons and I work on some old cars together.