Good Life Performance Burke Findley

Entering the theater

Spacial Expierence

The theater was larger than it appeared to be from the outside. My friend and I got seated in the middle of the auditorium on the right hand side looking at the stage. At the start of the show some of the actresses and actors had a part right in front of us which got us engaged with the play early on. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't know anything about the play before hand so I was excited. The smaller auditorium made the play feel more personal and less of a show for the sake of showing a show and more so to express meaning to a group of people. Where you are can create positive feelings. For example being home can make you happy. Place is a powerful influence on the good life. If you are located in a place that you don't want to be you may not have as good a life as if you were in a place you wanted to be.

The Social Expierence

I attend the performance with a friend. I didn't do anything to prepare for the performance. Attending with friends enhanced the performance because we were able to discuss it afterwards on the walk back to our dorm. Shared experiences are always better remembered than things that we do alone because we can always bring up the memories when we see those people again. Sharing things with others is a way to share the happiness of life and relive it later on.

The Theater

Cultural and Intellectual Expierence

The central issue being addressed was child labor and religion versus progressivism during the industrial revolution. Many of these ideas can be applied to today's times in other countries around the world and with the debate over the role in which religion should take place in our natural laws, for example gay marriage until recently. History courses throughout middle and high school gave me a pretty good background for the cultural backdrop for the play. My views mostly aligned with that of the performance so my views were more so strengthened than shifted due to the performance. The subject of the play doesn't really match any events in my life currently other than that waiting for opportunities is never a good idea and it is better to go out and make them happen.

Emotional Expierence

The play revealed large flaws in our society. We constantly say how evil child and sweatshop labor is yet we continually buy from corporations, like nike for example, that profit through these means. The play showed both sides in the scene where Sarah received the boots. She enjoyed the boots but at the same time realized that workers were given poor conditions and children had died to make them. Just like how she had to choose her morals or the boots, in a less dramatic way, we have to choose in our own world currently, whether to buy the less common product or support sweatshops.

Leaving the play

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