Skills Gained And Passions Pursued by Kyle Bender

Musical inspirations

Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals (Hip-hop/R&B)


I've been involved in music since a young age and as a journalist, I find some of my most satisfying work has come from gaining a better understanding of preferences. If sharing my criticism and praise helps even one reader discover something about their own understanding of their likes and dislikes, I feel like my work serves its purpose.

A look at the latest release from the world's biggest fictional quartet.
Multi-talented Donald Glover gives old school funk and R&B his own twist on this experimental album.

Video game articles

my first home-built rig

Similarly to my interest in music, video games have always been second nature to me. By playing them I believe people can make important self discoveries. My hope is that readers will find something worthwhile past the fun they have playing as they read into their experiences further.

front page features i've written or edited

plans moving forward

With my experience reporting, writing and editing, I plan to start my own blog-style website over summer to keep updated with entertainment and tech news as well archive my published articles to show potential employers. In the long run, I'd like to work at any major online or print publication, whether it be Vox or the New York Times. It won't be easy, but the hard work I put in will make it easier for me to...

I saw this sign while touring Vox headquarters in New York, and I will remember this mantra as my career path begins and continues to twist and turn throughout my life.

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