Into The Lion's Den -Linda fairstien-

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Into The Lion's Den is a spy mystery book by Linda Fairstein, with a main character very similar to Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes. Devlin Quick, a twelve-year-old girl, lives with her mom and best friend, Liza. The three characters live in New York City. They are on a mission to stop a thief. Liza and Devlin were at the New York Public Library when Liza saw a tall suspicious man discreetly drop a knife on the floor and stuff a page from a very rare book into his jacket pocket. Liza thinks that the page from the book was a map, but she has no idea what book it was from. Liza and Devlin chased the man out the door into the city, but soon after lost him in the sea of people. Nobody besides Devlin's friend Booker believes the two girls at first. But Devlin is confident, and stays with her gut, and decides to take this little crime, to her mom who is a Police Commissioner in the City. So, with the help of her friends and family, Devlin begins an adventure in New York as she tries to solve this mystery. She is ready to prove to her mother that she has what it takes to be a real detective just like her mom. And with Devlin's stealthy skills, the team is able to figure the case out successfully.

Devlin Quick

Devlin is a twelve-year-old girl, who lives at home with her mother, and her best friend Liza who recently moved in with them. She lives in New York City and attends Ditchley School. Devlin is very brave curious and intelligent, because she will investigate or look into anything that is questionable even if it is risky or dangerous. Many readers will compare Devlin to Nancy Drew because she is very good at uncovering mysteries. Devlin is a great friend to Liza,and never lets her down. Liza can always trust Dev with anything, because they are so close. Throughout the novel, any reader will see how courageous and brave Devlin is.

Liza de Lucena

Liza is an Argentinian student who'd gotten a scholarship to "the Ditch" (as Dev would call it) for the summer and is staying with Dev and her mother. Liza comes to New York in a neon orange and pink tee shirt, with temporary glasses, and braces. Liza is extremely intelligent, and she is very precise. Liza loves reading, in fact Dev calls her a "bookworm" throughout the novel, and she loves mysteries or problems just like Dev.

Booker Dibble

Booker has been best friends with Devlin for many years, and he acts like Devlin's older brother. He is six months older than Devlin, he is thirteen in the novel. Booker goes to a school called Hunter, with his brothers. Both of his parents are doctors, and Booker wants to be a doctor when he is older. Booker is just like Liza, very smart, and he is compassionate. Whenever Devlin needs help with anything she always calls Booker, for advice, or help. Booker helps Liza and Devlin uncover the case, and without him, it would not be possible.

my thoughts

My Thoughts

I thought that Into the Lion's Den was an okay book, I found it hard to get into because the adventure does not start until the middle of the book, which is kind of annoying because the beginning section is information that I thought was not relevant. Once the adventure and mystery started to unfold it got hard to put down. The ending was also very good with some plot twists, and tension filled scenes. I would recommend this book to readers looking for a good mystery, because once you get into the book it is pretty good.

I rate Into The Lion's Den 4 out of 5 stars

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