Rhyme & Rhythm "Friends,students, countrymen lend me your ears!"

Now time for some snapping and clapping!

In the following, 1st CLAP all the syllables individually, and 2nd, SNAP the emphasized beats, and clap the rest.

  • Thou ART more LOVely AND more TEMperATE
  • To BE or NOT to BE
What is Iambic Pentameter
  • An iamb is a poetic foot that consists of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one.
  • Pentameter is five sets of iambs per line (pent: 5; meter: rhythm);
What does stressed and unstressed mean?
  • English is not a boring language
  • Words have emphasis, where there is more “push” on one part of the word than others.
  • OBject vs. obJECT
Stressed vs. Unstressed notation
  • Unstressed notation is like a relaxing hammock: "U"
  • Stressed notation is like being attacked by a sword! "/"
  • The arc is the relaxed
  • The slash is the emphasized syllable
  • MEMORY TOOL: Swords are passionate and stressful, hammocks are relaxed and easy
Feet.. not actually about feet!
  • A “foot” is a unit of poetry of which the rhythmic pattern is constructed by
  • Like heels and toes, an Iambic foot consists of one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable: (U, /)
Iambic pentameter has five “feet” of unstressed-stressed per line.
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