Relationship goals FEAT. John Cena and Nikki Bella by matt Martinez

it began like no other day I was walking into the court yard when all of a sudden I stumbled across a very interesting couple.
I saw John Cena and Nikki Bella wearing a black dress with her brand new pet a small black Scottish terrier.
but as I was listening to their conversation john cena looked sad but nikki bella looked happy and I felt sympathy for john because it looked like nikki bella was taking advantage of him based of his popularity nikki was paying more attention to the dog then john cena

Symbology #1 nikki bellas black dress to me It symbolizes evil also could mean that she has power and control over john cena

symbology #2 john cena looked depressed through out my dream I think it symbolizes that he is not happy with nikki bellas actions and her attitude.

symbology 3 black Scottish terrier to me nikki bella is paying more attention to her beloved pet then spending time with her boyfriend.

symbology 4 court yard the setting of the court yard is that celebrities like john cena and nikki bella don't always hang out in the court yard its rare that I don't see something like that everyday.

psychoanalytic/phsychoodynamic statement what the dream means to me is that these 2 couple while good looking and famous make me visualize what it could be like when I end up daiting someone that is pretty because of their looks and I end up fearing weather or not she likes me for me or will end up taking advantage of me I fear that I will end up regreating myself from daiting or liking someone.

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matt martinez

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