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OnePlus 3T

Model: OnePlus 3T (released in November 2016)

Brand: OnePlus

Retail Price: from $544.79 (Australian Dollars w/o shipping cost)


Storage: 64GB/128GB

Colour: Gunmetal (made from space-grey aluminium alloy) or Soft Gold

Weight: 158g

Dimensions: 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4 mm

Screen size: 5.5-inch

Resolution: 1080 x 1920

CPU: Snapdragon 821

Random Access Memory (RAM): 6GB

Rear camera: 16MP

Front camera: 16MP

Battery: 3400mAh

  • One day of charge in half an hour
  • Unlike other technologies, charging speeds remain consistent even while gaming, live-streaming or demanding activities.

Analysis of Key Features + Review

Online Reviews


  • Easy to hold (manageable to hold in one hand)
  • Feels like high quality (buttons and ports)
  • Convenient notification slider
  • Buttons are tactile & easy to press
  • Colours are rich and vibrant
  • Charging time works as advertised
  • Phone does not heat up when charging
  • Improved front facing camera
  • Many options for photos
  • Crisp, clear camera quality


  • No expandable storage space
  • Single bottom speaker
  • Not water resistent


The features of the OnePlus 3T which really stood out for me were:

  1. The sleek design and bold colour: I prefer a smooth and glossy colour for a phone so it matches with other accessories and looks great.
  2. Strong glass screen (Gorilla Glass 4): A tough screen would be a top priority as my current phone was badly damaged through dropping it on the floor which resulted in the screen cracking.
  3. Fast fingerprint scanner: I currently don't have a fingerprint scanner on my iPhone 5 so this would be a big bonus as I think it is easily accessible and convenient.
  4. Light weight: A light weight phone is ideal when going out so you do not have to carry more weight.
  5. Fast battery charge: This was the biggest plus for me as charging my iPhone takes ages and it drains heaps. Also, when I need to charge for 'emergencies' or when I do not have a lot of time and am rushing, this would be really effective as it advertises it gives you a whole day's charge in 30 minutes.
  6. High definition selfie (front facing) camera: I love taking photos (and selfies!) so high quality in pictures is fantastic.
  7. Very fast processor and RAM: A phone which is quick and efficient to browse and work is ideal in a fast-paced world.
  8. Extremely cheap to it's worth: I am on a budget right now so this would be perfect for a new phone as it has great features.
  9. Storage: With 128GB, I would not need to worry about running out of space on my phone. Therefore, I would be free to download as many apps as I want and take as many photos I want without needing to worry about how much space I have left on phone.

However, the biggest cons for me were:

  1. Not an iPhone: the brand is really sought out today as it is 'mainstream' and iMessage is a plus as it does not take up credit.
  2. Not convenient to possess in Australia: Since it is not officially released in Australia, it will not support all data plans in Australia. Purchasing the phone can also becoming tricky as you have to purchase through secondary websites which sell the phone in Australia as it does not ship directly to Australia from the website. Therefore, although the original cost is low, the costs builds up through shipping, website fees, maintenance fees, etc.
  3. There is virtually no information about the working conditions to create the phone as well as the environmental impacts of the process and disposal of OnePlus 3T.

Where to buy? (in Australia)

Option 1: BuyMobile Australia

'Buy Mobile' is an online website which allows people living in Australia to purchase international 'unlocked & outright' mobile phones, tablets, cameras, accessories, drones and connected technology products in Australia.

Cost: $669.95 (including shipping) for 64GB

I chose this website to purchase the OnePlus 3T as I researched the previous customer reviews and found out it was a reliable source. Browsing the website was convenient and there was even a $139 discount on the phone with minimal cost in shipping as well ($19.95).

The website also claims to give you live support, all original& unlocked products, free insurance, monthly repayment option, safe shopping and full warranty at local phone repair services.

It was quick and easy as I got to the checkout of the website in under 5 minutes!

Option 2: is the largest online department store in Australia, selling tens of thousands of products through its online direct-to-customer store.

Cost: $678 (including shipping) for 64BG

I chose for another alternative to buy the OnePlus 3T phone as it is a very popular online store for purchasing goods (they have had 2.5+ million deliveries in the past year) and is extremely reliable (through reading reviews) as well as providing good quality products.

It also has many benefits including: fast and cheap delivery, Qantas points when purchasing, 14 Day money back guarantee, convenient phone plan with the website and 1 year free standard care warranty.

Payment of the Good

Since the only option to buy the OnePlus 3T in Australia is via websites, there are only card options and band deposit options.

Option 1. Pay Pal

PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.


  1. Quick and convenient for both customers and retailers.
  2. Minimises security concerns
  3. Widely accepted by stores
  4. Claims that your data is safe


  1. Increase of fraud related to electronic transactions in recent years. In many cases, funds have been stolen from bank accounts using 'skimming' devices, which copy the information on your card and record your PIN.
  2. Allows the collection and storage of data of individual’s spending habits which can be sold or passed on to other companies without their knowledge.
  3. Not every company accepts paypal

Option 2. Online Bank Deposit/ transfer


  1. Fast and convenient
  2. Direct transfer of money
  3. Almost all Australians have a bank account whereas not everyone has a credit card or paypal account
  4. Secure, receipts automatically generated by banks
  5. Customers get to enjoy the convenience of paying online but does not risk getting themselves into credit card debt caused by excessive shopping


  1. Once your money is taken away from your bank account, it is harder to get it back if the seller refuses to refund the money (if the good is faulty). This is because the payment has already been taken from your bank account
  2. Need to have sufficient funds in account
  3. Troublesome because there is a need to obtain and keep proof of payment.

Problem with the Product

1. You have had the OnePlus 3T for 6months but one day, the phone will not turn on.

2. Visit the BuyMobile website and read their replacement policy through the Help Centre. Since it is in the 1 year free warranty policy, you can get it repaired at a local BuyMobile service stall.

from the product details on the website

3. Fill in the Contact form on website and ask for your preference of a free repair.

4. After talking to the sales staff at BuyMobile and asking about a repair, take your OnePLus 3T to the repair centre closest to you.

5. However, the service could not fix the phone. Therefore, you contact the online store again and ask for replacement. They send you a replacement code and you send the phone back before code expires (you pay for shipping).

The Australian Government 'Repair, Replace, Refund' policy states:

BuyMobile's Return Policy

6. BuyMobile will then send a replacement.


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