The Divine:A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Kyle powalski

The Spacial Experience

This picture here was taken just before I entered the lobby of the theatre and met up with my friends waiting for me inside. Going into the theatre, I had already read the synopsis for the show because I had never heard anything about this show before; I was very excited to see this story play out. Since my seat was in the very front row for the show, throughout the whole show i found myself looking at all of the small details of the show and really focusing on the facial expressions of all the actors. Part of reaching the good like is taking in the world around you and analyzing it enough to take advantage of all the things your life has given you to live to the fullest. Your place on this earth is always important to reaching the good life, even if you feel like you're stuck in one 'place', you're there for a significant reason and you will someday realize it.

The Social Experience

This is a photo of a poster in the lobby of the Constans Theatre while is was waiting to enter the theatre with my friends. I attended the performance with three friends of mine whom are also taking Good Life. Before the show, we all went to get something to eat together where i explained the basic synopsis to them so they at least knew a little about the show and what to expect. Attending with friends allowed us to all laugh together during the funny moments of the show and also really bond over the serious and saddening moments for the show. Shared experiences can be the very core of the happy moments that allow you to obtain the good life. Now, some people find happiness in being alone but, personally, I find that sharing life experiences with friends and family are very important and are a part of my happiness and my journey to the good life.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

This is a picture of the opening set that I was able to take before the performance. The show was placed at the turn of the century in a part of the world where the Christian church still control a great deal of every day life for the citizens. The main problems addressed in the show was poverty and the power of the church. Going into the show there was not much i knew about these issues or about the steps to becoming a priest, part of which is depicted in the picture above; the set for the seminary. During the talk back after the show, one of the cast members was talking about the underlying issues in the show ans that was circumstance. how everyone's circumstance effects the decisions they have to make and how those decisions and circumstances also effect the people around them. The discussion of the issues in the show really gave me a new way of thinking about the issues faced in this time period and also how these issues can still be sen today, in a different light.

The Emotional Experience

This is a picture of me and my friends taken after the performance. this show allows us the opportunity to come clean by first, bringing out those issues that are very sensitive and controversial to some people. second, they discuss these issues in great length and detail so that everything is out on the table and all emotions are exposed. This allows the audience to come to terms about how they feel about these issues. we can 'come clean' by admitting our stance on these issues and, in our head, discussing and venting with the characters on the stage. You, as the audience member, are able to transcend into the world of the characters and share your true feeling on subject matters that would be extremely criticized in any other setting.

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