Architectural Manager Giving people a place they love and enjoy to live in

Stats on salary per state of Architectural Managers

Technology Involved with Architecture

Virtual Reality has played a huge role in the advancement of architecture. VR gives builders a first person simulated view of the preliminary designs of the structure. It can give information about how it will look in real life, like no other device could before. VR can be used to satisfy the client of the build, or to refine and perfect a build.


This glide show will show examples of why I want to become an architectural manager

I want to positively affect people's lives when I grow up. A great way to do that is to make something they are involved with every day better, and people are in their houses for a large portion of their life. Also, building/renovating a house is an extremely exciting time for parents and their families. I want this excitement to last for years because they love the house they live in so much.



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