Ireland By: Jaynel Dawkins

Politics- Ireland is a parliamentary democracy. The head of the government is the Taoiseach. The Tanaiste is the Deputy Prime Minister.

Economics- They call their money Euro. Their unemployment rate is at 9.7%. The minimum wage is 1,461 Euro per month. A modern knowledge economy focusing on services and high-tech industries, ad dependent on trade, industry, and investment.

Religion- In Ireland Christianity is the largest religion in the Republic of Ireland based on baptism. Christianity is dominated by the Roman Catholic Church which has 84.2% of the population as followers.

Social Structure- They speak mostly Gaelic and English. Social class is based off of income and power. The richer you are the higher up on the scale you are.

Industry- The top 10 growth industries include IT Services/ Computer Software/ Hardware, Accounting and Auditing, Innovation and Intellectual Property Related Enterprises, Green Sector Jobs, Business Serves and Medical Health.


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