White Tigers Panthera tigris tigris

White tigers are basically a Bengal tiger with a gene mutation that changes their coat to white. The color of their coat is a disadvantage to them because they live in dense jungles and mangrove swamps in the Indian subcontinent.

White tigers can reach 11 feet long, and weight can range from 300 to 660 pounds. Their main prey includes deer, cattle, and wild boar. They are unique because of their rare blue eyes.

White tigers are generally solitary animals. They are diurnal, but they do most of their hunting at night. They are great swimmers, and have incredible hearing and sight.

They only have one main predator: humans. Growing human settlements are pushing the white tiger into smaller areas of its original range. This is due to deforestation, agriculture, and modernization. They are also severely affected by humans because they are being hunted and captured for their beauty. They are often sold as exotic pets as well.

Solutions to this crisis have already started. It is now illegal to shoot tigers, so more are surviving in the wild. Another possible solution would be a limit on how much of their land people are able to take. So much land has been taken from them, so a limit or even a stop to taking more land would help more white tigers survive.


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