Texas slavery By: nathan herman

1. Telegraphs: a way to communicate across vast distances by sending coded signals over wires

2. Gail Borden Jr.: a business man

3. Hermann Lungkwitzl: an artist in Texas

4. Spirituals: religious folk songs

5. Abolition: an end to slavery

6. In 1860 the slave population was about 1/4 of Texas' population

7. If slaves tried to escape they would be shot and killed

8. A group of slaves planned to over run their masters and escape to a free state, or Mexico.

9. The plan was found out and every slave that was a part of that plan was hung

10. Many people who planned to free slaves, were kicked out of the state


Created with images by Anosmia - "International Slavery Museum" • Bohman - "Freedom"

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