New sidewalk for Hickman Street Runs between West Pleasant and Park streets

Town of Amherst Public Works crews have been busy for much of July building a new sidewalk on Hickman Street, between West Pleasant and Park streets. The $50,000 project is replacing an old sidewalk that has seen better days. It is also adding to the safety of the area as the route is heavily travelled by students heading to the West Highlands School.

The first step in building the new sidewalk is removing the old one.
Then, the workers have to build the form.
Building the form takes teamwork.
Every effort is taken to ensure the form, and subsequently the sidewalk, is level.
A measurement is taken to ensure the right amount of concrete is ordered from Casey Concrete and then gravel is spread inside the form to ensure a good base for the sidewalk.
Then the shaping of the sidewalk begins, with the arrival of the concrete.
Once again, it takes teamwork to ensure the concrete is spread evenly and leveled.
The next step is putting on the finishing touches and waiting for the concrete to dry. It takes about 24 hours for the concrete to harden enough to allow the forms to be removed. Once it is, the process is repeated until the sidewalk is completed.


Tom McCoag / Town of Amherst