How to Become a Lawyer By Joe mceachern

Lawyers represent clients in court. For example, an attorney would defend someone who is accused of doing something wrong, in court. A prosecutor does the opposite. They are the ones to accuse someone in court , and they also represent a client. Both an attorney and a prosecutor are lawyers.

To be able to do all this stuff, you must have a the necessary degrees and years of college complete. Lawyers need to complete their bachelor's degree and then go to law school. During law school, they get their doctorates degree which takes at most, 4 years to get.A lawyer must then pass a bar exam in different states. Whichever states they pass the exam in, they get to be a lawyer in those states.

It is also greatly helpful for someone wanting to be a lawyer to have certain character traits that will make the job easier to be successful in. It is helpful to have analytical thinking, integrity, be stress tolerant, and be dependable. There are also certain skills that will help you be more successful in being a lawyer. These skills include being able to solve problems, being a good listener, being able to talk to others, being able to make good decisions., and being able to speak well in public.

It can also be helpful to have long term goal written in the S.M.A.R.T. format. Here is mine: I will become a lawyer by passing the bar exam in Massachusetts after I get a doctoral degree.

It can also be helpful to layout 5 understandable goals (written in the S.M.A.R.T. format) that help you become a lawyer. Here are mine:

1. I will read many books about lawyers before I go into college.

2. I will practice public speaking by doing so in front of people I know everyday before I get a bachelor's degree.

3. I will become a good public speaker and public speak 1-2 times every week.

4. I will get a doctoral degree by going to college at Harvard after I get a bachelor's degree.

5. I will pass the bar exam in Massachusetts and New York after I complete college.

Here is a video that will explain pretty much every thing above. It will help you get an even better understanding of how to become a lawyer.


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