Coral Reef human impacts

Many impacts directly resulting from human interference affects the reefs. These include: oil spills, coastal development, agriculture, deforestation, and even run off. All of these factors are leading to the rapidly deteriorating coral reefs.

Pollution from land-based sources however, is the primary cause of coral reef degradation throughout the world. In the Caribbean, for example, about 80 percent of ocean pollution originates from activities on land. As human populations expand to the coastal areas, development changes the landscape, increasing runoff from land. Runoff often carries large quantities of sediment from land-clearing, high levels of nutrients from agricultural areas and sewage outflows, and pollutants like petroleum products and pesticides. These land-based sources of pollution threaten coral reef health.

Although there have been many ideas pitched to fix the human impact on the reefs, there really hasn't been a real solution yet. Hopefully the reefs won't go for good.


Created with images by Jorge Lascar - "Diving at the The Great Barrier Reef" • Pexels - "water corals underwater"

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