Imperialism By keanu spencer

Imperialism: When a strong country takes over a country that is weaker than them.

Europe over Africa

After Nigeria was taken by Britain, many other European took many other parts of Africa. All of the African nations had a resistance or a rebellion but the only one that was successful was Ethiopia. Ethiopia was successful because they were able to buy weapons from France and Russia which gave them an actual fighting chance.

United States and Hawaiian Islands

Spurred by the nationalism caused by the Spanish-American war, the United States Annexed the Hawaii islands in 1898. Hawaii was then declared a republic in 1900 of which a man by the name of Dole became the governor.

BritainĀ“s colonization of South America

The plan to take over South America was created in 1795 but put into place later and it went by a different name. Once South America became Allies with France, Britain used that as a motive since they had previous quarrels with France. The first few attacks by Great Britain failed and at that point they started recruiting officers that were born and raised in South America so they may be able to influence the culture and make these colonials have loyalty towards Britain.

Britain over Nigeria

They gained control of southern Nigeria by both military and diplomatic means. Some of the local rulers agreed to a treaty and they accepted some British citizens. There were some people who rebelled but Britain just used force to put down the rebellions. To gain Northern Nigeria they gained control of the palm-oil trade.

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