Was Hitler a Good leader By Duncan Wiley

When we think of Hitler we usually think of the Holocaust and all the death he bring, but some view him as one o the best leaders of all time.

As Marked By Teachers says, "Hitler for many reasons was a great leader, the vast majority of German citizens loved Hitler because he was a powerful and persistent figure. His ability to maintain the strength and courage of a whole nation was truly inspiring and even though Germany did not win the war his legacy lived on. It is because of this many people think he was an exceptional leader as no other man had previously achieved what he had with Germany. Hitler’s abilities included confident competence, excellent speaking abilities (which contributed to wining votes and elections.) also Hitler’s essence in the military operations was great for the morale of the soldiers as well as the German people because they believed in Hitler and knew he was a great leader."

The Nazis controlled a large amount of land, to get that land he had to be able to convince the Nazis that this was for a good cause, and he had to be very powerful. What I'm trying to say is he couldn't have done this without being a very good and influential leader.

Sites.psu.edu proclaims "He inspired people because he pinned the problems the nation faced—inflation, political instability, unemployment, humiliation—on a scapegoat, the Jew. This, despite the fact that Jews represented less than 1% of Germany’s population in 1933. Hitler gained followers, yes, but he also eliminated opposition by imposing draconian punishments, including a death penalty for people suspected of aiding Jews. It is worth mentioning that Hitler failed: The German economy was in shambles when he died a broken, defeated man in 1945."

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