Shakespearian Theaters -by joshua m. P.1

The "Medieval" time theaters made a huge impact on the world through it's distinct types. Influencing modern architects, and writers.

The Globe Theater.

" Plays were originally performed by the all-male medieval trade guilds, so all women's parts were played by boys."

Women weren't actually allowed to participate in plays, Instead, Men took their place.

"in one interesting aspect the theater in Shakespeare's day was very different from the theater we know today."

For example, many women participate in plays, and the theaters have become much more modernized.

"The Plays were performed in the afternoon."

Yes, It would be performed in the afternoon where the sun would shine right through the middle of the theater. Making for a much better "visual" performance.''


"Elizabethan plays were being performed in two kinds of theater buildings—later called public and private theaters. Public theaters were larger than private ones and held at least 2,500 people. They were built around a courtyard that had no roof. Public theaters gave performances only during daylight hours because they had no artificial lights. Private theaters were smaller, roofed structures."

So Basically this is saying they had different theater buildings. One that was open roofed, and one that was not. In the public rooms, they gave theaters gave performances only during the daytime. Private theaters were smaller roofed structures.

"The stage of a public theater was a large platform that projected into the pit. This arrangement allowed the audience to watch from the front and sides. The performers, nearly surrounded by spectators, thus had close contact with most of their audience."

This Has inspired many architects. Today, modern theaters like in Las Vegas, have a huge middle platform with audiences surrounding all around.

"Actors entered and left the stage through two or more doorways at the back of the stage. Behind the doorways were tiring (dressing) rooms. At the rear of the stage, there was a curtained discovery space. Scholars disagree about the details of this feature. But the space could be used to “discover”—that is, reveal—one or two characters by opening the curtains."

These rooms helped actors navigate from scene to scene. There were also hidden rooms under the stage for hidden actors for a surprise appearance.


"The popularity of Romeo and Juliet owes much to Shakespeare’s sympathy for the young lovers in the play. The play suggests that the boldness of young love is dangerous. However, Shakespeare does not present Romeo and Juliet as responsible for their fate."

Most people may know this story. It's about the warning of young love. Following two young lovers who kill themselves for each other.

"Instead, the play draws attention to the violence and aggressiveness that shape the adult world of the feuding aristocratic families. The success of the play also comes from the clearly drawn characters and liveliness and beauty of its language."

This play today, is still a big part of writers, leaving a influence towards play writers.

"The story of Romeo and Juliet has inspired a number of other artistic works. They include a symphonic poem by the French composer Hector Berlioz and an opera by another French composer, Charles Gounod. The play inspired an overture by the Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky and a ballet by another Russian composer, Sergei Prokofiev. All of these works are called Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story, a popular stage musical that opened on Broadway in 1957, is also based on Shakespeare's tragedy."

This statement shows just how inspiring Shakespeare had become today. Leaving a mark in our society.

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