WORLD OF WATER DIARY By: juan david, andreu, aleix, joel, dafne, nerea and aleksandra of Rafael casanova hight schol

Hi we are David, Andreu, Aleix, Joel, Dafne, Nerea and Aleksandra and this is our Global Scholars project


You can see it here

DAY 1. 25/04/19

All the group peers are getting more informationfor make best job later. Dafne will make a coverpage.

DAY 2. 2/5/19

Dafne has done the coverpage with Andreu who taked some photos. Joel and Juan David search some information for the project. Aleksandra

DAY 3. 9/05/2019

We have decided our topic for the CAP, it is water waste. We will do an "oca2 gme (game of the goose). All team members have worked well.

DAY 4. 10/05/2019

Dafne has made some cards for the game. Aleix and Andreu have tried to make the game rules. Joel has written a post for the e-classroom. Nerea, Juan David and Aleksandra have made some questions for the game cards. All group members have worked well.

DAY 5. 15/05/2019

Aleix, Andreu and Joel have tried to do the presentation. Dafne has done some cards for the game. Nerea, Juan David and Aleksandra have added some questions for the game.

DAY 6. 22/05/2019

We have done some questions for the game. The presentation is in prigress.

DAY 7. 23/05/2019

We have finished the questions and the rules for the game. Now we have to finish the presentation. All members have worked ok :)

DAY 8. 24/05/2019

Joel has made post for the e-classroom. Nerea, Dafne and Aleixhave done the presentation. Aleksandra has done the dairy presentation

DAY 9. 29/05/2019

Joel , Anderu , Aleix , Dafne and Nerea have tried to finish the presentation and Aleksandra has tried to finish the diary presentation .

DAY 10. 30/05/2019

All the group members have helped to finish the presentation, it’s finished. Everyone has worked well :)

DAY 11. 31/05/2019

Dafne and Nerea started to put the questions on he cards in handwriting. Aleix and Andreu has upgraded the presentation. Joel and Aleksandra tried t finish the dairy presentation. All the group members worked well :)


You cas see the CAP presentation here

We went to a primary school to teac them about water waste. They played a game that we made to see how much water they waste and we give they advices how to waste less water.


Creado con una imagen de katatonia - "Dark blue ocean surface seen from underwater"

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