C.M. Coolidge Gabby osborn

A Friend in Need by C.M. Coolidge (1903) - Perhaps the most famous of Coolidge’s paintings, it depicts seven dogs sitting around a table playing poker in the wee morning hours. It derives its name from the bulldog handing an ace under the table to his friend. With that additional ace, the dog with his back to the viewer will have four aces.
New Year's Eve in Dogsville (1903) by C.M. Coolidge portrays the pooches celebrating the New Year.
Sitting Up With A Sick Friend 1905
One To Tie, Two To Win

Cassius Marcellus Coolidge lived November 12, 1844 to January 24, 1934. He lived in New York, where he stayed for his entire life. Coolidge got his artistic start from a 1894 painting, Poker Game, depicting 4 dogs sitting around a table playing Poker. In 1903, an advertising company, Brown & Bigelow, discovered Coolidge's painting and offered him a commission for 16 paintings to advertise cigars. The collection was painted from 1903 to 1905.

Poker Game 1894
Stranger In Camp
Pinched With Four Aces shows police dogs intruding on the illegal gambling card game. We see the collie trying to slyly get away, while the bulldog is in utter shock that the police have interrupted this game right as he is about to put down his four aces.

C.M. Coolidge is important because of the success of his collection, Dogs Playing Poker. We see these paintings all over homes and throughout pop culture. His legacy of this collection is still thriving and popular today, and I think it's pretty special and funny how today we're still admiring this collection of dogs.

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