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What are some skills your child will need for the future? Good question! Really, the future is unknown. Think back to just 20 years ago, before phones had cameras. Who knew that would happen? Who could have predicted how much that invention would change the world?

As our world changes we need to help students acquire the skills necessary to meet new demands. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." It is the challenge of schools now to guide students to learn the skills they will need to adapt to their changing world. These are referred to as 21st Century Learning Skills, or for short, the Four Cs.

The Four Cs as defined by the National Education Association are: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity and Innovation. When students are able to use these strategies they will have ways to approach just about anything the world will throw at them. In the art room, my job is to help the students develop these skills with exercises in exploration and experimentation, getting messy (not too messy) with materials, forming solutions independently and in groups, making revisions and improvements on work, reflecting on their own learning, and finally sharing the results.

All subjects will be utilizing the Four Cs in some way, it's not just for art classes. Professor and education author Sir Ken Robinson states, "Creativity can happen anytime we are using our intelligence." However, historically art classes have steadily asked and allowed students to express their personal view. As a former student, Heather Bailey, put it, "Art teaches you about yourself."

I believe that creativity begins with curiosity. I hope you are curious about what will happen here next so please stop by the Studio 243 blog often! -Mrs. Tibbetts

Resources: Quote from FDR:, Quote from Sir Ken Robinson: Out of Our Minds, p.4. Content about 21st Century Learning Skills:


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