Dave Ford The Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University Quarantine CRew Project 2020

Construction of the interior framework of “The Two window conduit loop piece of 1100 Florence Ave.” To be clad in plexiglass at a later date. But for now...

A peaceful day at 1100 Florence
The detail shot shows one of the two windows to be removed
Paper taped to floor. Me drawing the loop curve with rope on the ground. It will be transferred above and the shape confirmed via plumb-line after every 3rd or 4th box is added.
The first box from each window remained square.
I debated when to begin the distorted “looping” angles. Box 2 won.
One track crept up while holding the window’s top edge level. The other sloped down maintaining the bottom plane flat.
Hopefully they’ll miss at the loop’s cross-over point.
SUCCESS they didn’t collide
I braced the boxes at the cross-over and built the loop in the shop
The framework is done! Next phase, determine and limit the amount of ceiling bracing, clad in plexiglass and final trim. Oh yeah, and remove the windows to open the channel.

More info: daveford326@gmail.com