Pasture Valley Children's Home News December 2019

“Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace, goodwill toward men” – Luke 2:14

Merry Christmas

This month's Highlights

Hope Outreach Christmas Party

December is always a wonderful time to show Christ’s love to one another by celebrating Christmas. With funding from All4Jesus Foundation we were able to have a Christmas party with over 250 children from the Hope Outreach programme and children from all over the region arrived on this day. It was a glorious sunny day and the jumping castle was up, there were games to play and devotions in the Education Centre. Each child received a sweet packet, T-shirt and a gift bag with stationery, toiletries and a lunch box for school. One adorable little child when seeing me repeated the words I left them with as I said farewell to the group; “Remember to read your bible every day” he said!

Story time...

I am often humbled when I work with children who face daily physical challenges. This boy joined our child support programme recently and arrived for our annual Christmas function. He lost his legs in a fire. However nothing stops him from having fun like any other child. Determined not to miss out he moves around with his hands and he moves fast too. In fact he moves so fast that he even plays soccer with the other boys and catches the ball with his hands! He wears down his trousers fairly quickly, so we have bought him a pair or two. He is truly an example of not been defeated by adversity!

December Birthday Parties

These three children celebrated their first birthday at Pasture Valley this month. Some of the children do not yet have birth certificates, but not wanting them to miss out on the fun, they also celebrated their birthdays this December, a total of 11 children!

Welcoming more children to the Pasture Valley family

Even though there was “no more room at the Inn”, Social welfare requested assistance for another child whose mother was imprisoned due to child neglect. She has settled in well with all her new family. I also collected another girl who has been orphaned from her grandfather’s place to come and join her other siblings here at Pasture Valley. She was so happy to join the Pasture Valley family.

Christmas lunch

What is really special is how strong a family bond there is among the children – this is the testimony of many of the team members from Potchestroom. God put us all together and love binds us. At our family Christmas lunch today it was good to reflect on how good God has been this year and each child had an opportunity to voice what they were grateful for. The children received some bags with items in them and this year they will get to choose their own gifts with a shopping voucher. We all enjoyed some pizza, spaghetti and salads and homemade milk shakes. Some of the older children that are working or studying also joined us- including Taiwan and Francis from Tanzania. It was good to be part of such a big family.

Bambanani Update

We also celebrated Christmas with all 4 groups of the Bambanani ladies. The project has done extremely well this year and we are grateful to God for all He has done.

Zondle Girls Christmas Party

We had a separate Christmas party for Zondle Girls home from Hlatikulu. The girls were able to see a short movie, have lunch, play volleyball and decorate cupcakes. They had lots of fun and asked to come back again soon.

Holiday Programme

With the help of the lively Potchefstroom team, the children learnt all sorts of new skills and interesting facts. They could choose whether they wanted to part of the computer, crafts, music, science or carpentry clubs. Other events on the holiday programme included lots of Christmas play practice, baking and decorating cookies, a bible quiz and a dance competition. Here are some pictures of the fun.


As we get to the end of 2019 we reflect on all that God has done for us and are filled with thankfulness for His goodness and faithfulness to us at Pasture Valley. I am thankful for all our visitors, friends and sponsors for your encouragement, prayers and support. We would not be able to do much of the work that is needed without your support and prayers. We say THANK YOU!!

Prayer Requests:

• Thankfulness for God’s daily provision.

• Thankfulness for teams and visitors to Pasture Valley who have helped with the holiday programme and maintenance on the farm.

• Safe travels for the Krause family, Mkhombe family and John Ramos as they spend time with their respective families overseas.

• Prayer for Neliswa who has been diagnosed with a heart disease.

• Farewell to Josh Arison as he transitions back in the US after nearly 6 years of missionary service at Pasture Valley. We will miss him!

• Protection of the children.

• For planning of January as we try to get school uniforms for over 450 children organized

• Safe travels for Luke as he embarks on his studies in Texas next year January.

From the McCubbin family, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a blessed New Year in 2020.

With love,

Peter, Michelle, Claire and Luke

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