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Display advertising reaches new heights with Adobe Advertising Cloud - the first independent end-to-end platform that unifies audience data, media execution and creative personalization to enable full-funnel ad buying from search and display to video and programmatic TV.


Audiences at Scale


Transparency & Control

Audience at Scale

Global inventory for maximum reach and scale

Adobe is integrated with top exchanges and premium publishers for expansive scale and reach. We are careful to select publishers that can also be trusted for their quality.

Premium inventory via private marketplaces and on-demand

Easy-to-use, self-serve user interface which allows you to reach your high value audiences with simple click-to-access and always-on deals. 150+ on-demand publishers.

90%+ Match Rates with Adobe Audience Manager

The Adobe Advertising Cloud unifies audience data, media execution and creative personalization.

Real-time prioritized audience mapping with Audience Manager enables higher match rates for Adobe Ad Cloud compared to other DSP’s. Reaching more of your valuable audiences gives you more opportunities to drive performance – leads, sales, revenue.

Adobe Analytics integration allows you to easily create segments using website interactions and engagement metrics and re-target those valuable visitors in display.

40+ data and audience integrations

The Ad Cloud has built-in access to 40+ data and audience integrations, making it easy for you reach the right audience for your campaign.

Reach your valuable audiences across our vast inventory partners with expanded bidding capacity

We continue to invest in bidding scale and have increased it by 4 times in just Q2 2017.


Revamped optimization levers to drive performance lift

Identify your primary goal (viewable impressions, conversions, clicks) as well as set targets based on important metrics (vCPM, CPC, CPA).

Powerful look-alike models based on your best performing audiences

Our look-alike models are driven by unique Adobe algorithms & data. Simply select your high value audience segment (purchase check out, entered cart, filled out application, etc.). Build a model to identify similarities between these users and new users. And target the new look-alike segment in performance and awareness campaigns.

Recency based retargeting to increase performance

Re-connect with high intent visitors by pinpointing when they show interest in your product and then optimizing based on time since last visit.

Deliver relevant ad experiences in real-time

Reach prospects with personalized experiences across the customer journey using dynamic creative optimization (DCO). Drive user engagement and conversions by retargeting users with relevant ads after they abandon the buying process.

Optimize prospecting campaigns by allowing the algorithm to deliver creative elements for the best performance. Use Adobe Audience Manager or Analytics segments for deeper personalization of the ad experience.


Actionable performance reporting

Advertisers get total control over their display campaign with granular performance insights and advanced optimization levers like recency targeting and pacing options.

Understand which sites and audiences drive performance. No black box delivery.

Get complete transparency of media costs and fees.

Customize and schedule reports

Build flexible reports based on specific campaign dimensions (e.g. placement, site, geo etc.) and metrics that matter most to you.

Select from pre-built templates or customize your own. Easily schedule reports to deliver directly to your inbox.

Cross-channel attribution and reporting

Attribution reports to analyze touch-points along the customer journey and performance impact of various attribution models.

Industry leading fraud and media quality protections help drive better performance for advertisers

Adobe takes an aggressive approach to detecting fraudulent inventory resulting in a 1.5% fraud rate versus 11% industry average.

Adobe’s unique Non-Human Traffic Credit Program provides refunds for impressions identified by White Ops at fraudulent.

Brand safety & viewability with 3rd party integrations

Adobe offers integrations with industry leading media quality partners for pre-bid decisioning on viewability and brand safety.

Ensure your ads are running on brand safe content through our multi-layered approach.

Adobe Advertising Cloud delivers performance without compromise with Display Advertising

Display advertising with the Adobe Advertising Cloud enables an advertiser to reach valuable audiences at scale and optimize for performance in a transparent environment with industry leading fraud and brand safety protections.

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Gauri Bhat

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