King Krakatoa By ryan savoy

On August 26th 1883, inside the Sunda strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra, Krakatoa let out the loudest sound ever recorded. Many major scientific processes built 50 miles tall of rock and magma that would later change the earth's surface while producing 36,000 victims, who fell to Krakatoa's wrath.

Krakatoa erupted in the Sunda strait because the indo- Australian plate started to slide under the Eurasian plate causing a magma exposure which created Krakatoa. The reason Krakatoa made such a loud noise was due to the hardened magma on the top creating a pressure barrier. This barrier kept the pressure inside of the volcano and eventually when Krakatoa couldn't take the strain from the pressure anymore in let out a screech that could be clearly heard 3,000 miles away! Is there a chance that their could be another Krakatoa? Well that is a question that people have made a lot of assumptions about and the answer is no. There has not been another eruption that we know of that effected earth like this but their could be one in the future.

Krakatoa's eruption devastated the earth's crust by erupting 25 cubic kilometers of rock and ash. While this eruption occurred there was 100 foot tall tsunamis. In result of the devastation the rising sea levels were delayed for 20 years but only to return. Also the ash created healthy soil which helped the life cycle.

The sad part about all of this devastation and reproduction of the land the people who were harmed. About 200 years ago when Krakatoa's eruption occurred there was no way to tell if their was an eruption that was going to occur, and so there was villages around the volcano and on the day of august 26th 1883 was know as the day that the earth screeched. Their was 36,000 casualties and 350 villages were destroyed and created tsunamis that destroyed the natural land. Their was some ways that these victims could of used to predict and get to safety away from this harm. They could have learned that the earthquakes that lead up to the volcano's eruption meant that the eruption was going to happen but that didn't happen and sadly we don't have time machines.

Krakatoa served as a reminder of how deadly natural forces could be so remember to have precautions of where you live and hope that Krakatoa won't rock the world again.


Created with images by renaissancechambara - "Krakatoa children's cigarettes" • skeeze - "volcano erupting mountain" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Earth Observing-1: Ten Years of Innovation" • skeeze - "volcano erupting mountain" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Earth Observing-1: Ten Years of Innovation" • skeeze - "volcano erupting mountain"

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