Swimming is a fantastic sport. To begin with, there are so many events you can swim. The 4 basic strokes in swimming are butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. The fastest stroke is butterfly, then freestyle, then backstroke, and lastly breastroke. Some of the events you can swim are the 50 freestyle, 1650( the mile), 200 butterfly, 100 breastroke, and 100 backstroke. You can also do a relay which includes 4 people. There are also different types of pools you can swim in. They are meters and yards. When you swim in yards, you have a faster time because yards is shorter than meters. There is also a thing called long course season and short course season for swimmers. Long course is when the lane lines are going long way and it is 50 m/yds across. Short course is when the lane lines are going short way and it is only 25m/yds down.

There are many problems taht can occur in your swimming career. One example is you break a bone. There is a solution for that kind of tradegy. You can solve this by getting a waterproof cast so you can still swim and be in the water. An injury that is very common is hurting your shoulder. One answer is to get your shoulder tapped. Doctors put tape around your should so it is secure in the correct positon. Shoulder injurys are are very common in swimming since you use you shoulders the whole time. Whether your spinning your arms backwards or fowards, your shoulders are never taking a break.

Left: Someones shoulders that are wrapped Right: Someone spraying water on their waterproof cast

Have you seen people wearing suits that go down to their knees? Those are called fast suits. When I say fast suits, I really mean fast. Fast suits are super tight and take a long time to put put on. They are not very comfortable since they are hugging your skin.It ranges on the time it takes based on how tight your suit is. You want it to be tight so you dont drag in the water. A fast suit is like a swim cap. They both help you go faster in he water becasue nothing is holding you back. On the other hand, practice suits are supposed to be comfortable and loose. Sometimes for warm-ups, swimmers wear 2 swimsuits because they want drag in the water. It makes you feel faster since something was making you slower.

Left: Someone wearing a fast suit Right: Picture of a fast suit

Your first swim meet can be a little nerveracking. All of the timers and whistles blowing. Usually for swim meets, you have to be at the pool pretty early. It really depends on your age since the older kids have there swim meets in hte morining and the younder kids have it in the afternoon. Before the meet starts, you have warm- ups which are about 45 minutes. Then, the people in charge of the meet post the heat sheets which tells you what events you're swimming. Next, you wait for your event . Most of the time you go over to the blocks 3-4 events before yours. It depends on what the event is. Lastly you get dressed and go home. You have to make sure you rest because swim meets are usually 3 days long.

Right:Olympic swimming pool Middle: Swimmers diving in the water Left: Swimmers diving off a block

Have you heard of people cheating at the Olympics? It was very common this year at Rio. Russia was very quilty of using drugs to make them go faster, People that dont cheat get farther in life. For example, Lily King was going angainst Yulia Efimova, who was from Russia and had got caught for using drugs. This led to extreme disliking since they aloud her to go the Olympics. The effect of cheating is failure. At hte end of the event, Lily King won! For this reason, cheating is never good and will get you no where in life.

This is Lily King after she won her 200 breastroke and beat Yulia Efimova

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