The genre-bending JPRiZM epitomizes the soundtrack of his generation; incorporating synthetic vibes of virtual worlds fused with bump worthy beats of modernity. An Ambassador to Curiosity, JPRiZM loves the blank canvas; defying boxes and categorization, he’s unbounded by convention. Creatively, musically, and visually rebelling against conventional societal and creative norms with his melodic storytelling abilities. Whether lyrical or instrumental, his music speaks to audiences across cultures and soundscapes, channeling an open universe of creativity. His moniker, JPRiZM, reflects his love for diverse cultures and peoples. “That name came because I have a vast appreciation for life and culture. Where I’m at musically is like a prism; prisms look different every time you look at them, always changing depending on which way the light is hitting them. With me, on any given day, that’s how I am artistically. When I create, I couldn’t tell you why I choose this sound, or decide to use that color, because even I don’t know at that moment. When I create, I’m tapping into something that I don’t fully understand; I usually don’t until way later. I work off of feeling and energy and I do something because I feel it inside. It may not be a diamond right out of the case, but it’s real and it’s from my essence, my soul. I am a creator."... Imaginator, Culturalist, Artist, Prism...JPRiZM

Based in Boston, JPRiZM has serious talent and discography to back up his well-earned notoriety. It’s hard to classify his style in one genre as he blends hip-hop, R&B, EDM, and pop (he cites Pharrell, MF Doom, J DIlla, Flying Lotus, early Kanye West, and Daft Punk, as influences) to allow us into his enigmatic but expressive mind. His 2014 debut album Mindwalker (top 50 on CMJ Rap charts) was followed by the instrumental Waves EP in 2017 and PRiZM WORLD aka EXPERiMENTS in 2018. He's also released several singles and collaborations, including the Jennie.O R&B track “Heroin (My Love)” in 2017, followed by his highly acclaimed solo endeavor "Rise" in 2018 which saw him return to the vocal booth. JPRiZM also remains very active with his remixes and rarities including “Hung Up” with Luhx. and “Feenin’” with Amanda Holley. In 2019, he returned to collab on the summer pop hit "All Your Love" featuring Amanda Holley and Echezona. JPRiZM also produced “Heart of a Woman” (with lyrics by Joelle James, writer of Ella Mae’s “Boo’ed Up”), the end-credit song for the spring 2018 Lionsgate film Traffik. His most recent collab is on the song Galileo (2020) with Echezona. Galileo already is receiving major radio airplay and has been selected for the 2K21 next gen "The City" soundtrack, and ESPN on air play. Along with his multi-platform DSP releases, JPRiZM is well known in the SoundCloud community for his prolific remixes and eclectic instrumentals and frequently releases new tracks there for his loyal following.

JPRiZM's latest release is his solo instrumental project "Annibae" a 12 song lofi chill album (release date 12.21.2020). About the project JPRiZM recounts how it came about: "2020 has been crazy to say least, so I decided to give you all a chill vibe to kick back to moving into 2021. On my latest project Anibae, I explore my boom bap roots when I used to cook beats and cut up jazzy melodies without a care in the world. Hopefully you enjoy it as much I did creating it."