Should Kids Play Football.

It is going to hurt them this is a top question a lot of parents say so there kids can't play football.

Let's talk about why they say all these kinds of stuff, they don't want there kid to do football because they don't want them to get hurt, the parents see the kinds of things people get and can do to others, and I can't blame them they can get hurt and if I had a child I will probably let them but it depends because the child has to be courageous, strong and athletic and other things but if they are weak and scared and don't have any experience they won't do anything and they will get hurt but getting back on track maybe the parent don't know how ruff football is, so the just assume that it is to ruff and it is different from how really it is.

And other questions are money wise like how much do I have to pay well I actually don't know but I see why they ask that because maybe they are not rich and not poor there are in the middle so they like to save there money up and if it does cost money then they don't want to waste money and if they do not charge them any money then they will probably do it

This is the last question. What formation are they going to play? Well that is up to the coaches or if the child has something in mind like Quarterback or running back well how your body tells what you are like if you are buff and fast the. You can play running back or if you are just Buffy then you might play linemen and so on

And other times kids play football is might be the kid or child is playing video games or the kids parents want them to go outside and exercise

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