Ratify the Constution!

*The Articles of Confederation weren't as good as we thought, so we are now, new and improved to a better Constitution! The new Constitution was better beneficial mainly because the Articles of Confederation was hurting the states rather than helping.

“In a series of newspaper essays, they recalled the weaknesses of the government under the Articles of Confederation."
U.S. Constitution


Articles of Confederation

Lets have a soultion!

**We don't want quarreling in our states! The Constitution will put an end to our distances by bringing rule back into our nation!

"The Federalists argued that the Constitution would create a national government that was strong enough to unite quarreling states into a single republic."
There shall be no more unruliness in this new born country.

To a Fresh nEw start!

***We want to strictly limit the leader's power! We don't want to be like Great Britain! We don't want a king! We are the United States of America!

"The powers given to the government, they pointed out, were strictly limited. In addition, those powers were divided among three branches so that no one branch could become too powerful."
We are united as one, therefore we are the United States. So come sign the Constitution to a new beginning in this country.

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