Croda By: Paul Johnson

In this society, we focus on finding who you are and if your intentions are good or bad. If we find a bad then we "release" them to a different community that they fit into more than our own. Not the type of release in the giver, we just kick them out of our community. Our government is a Dictatorship, we have a group of people ruling over the community. Some rules we have are, no alcohol, no drugs, no killing, no stealing, jail for a certain amount of time if you disobey rules, no social media, no lying, no R rated movies, no death threats, no inappropriate talking. The typical day is children go to school for five hours, and adults go to their job that they chose. Our motto die a hero...or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. Now this isn't saying you should die, we mean that you should be a hero if you have the chance, or you'll have to become a villain. Come join our community today!


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