Geometry in your Neighborhood By Zyan ha-ahu

What i am going to show you today is a building with right angles acute angles parallel lines etc. also I am going to tell you why some parts of the house is important and why it is structured that way. hope you enjoy listening to my presentation.

This is a sketch of a building. What I did was label the different geometric shapes, angles and sides that I saw.

This is what the house looked liked.

Why the rooftop is structured in a angle is because for the water would slip off. If the roof was flat the water would stay on roof and the water might make a hole in the roof.

The window is important because if we didn't have windows our houses would be very hot.

Why the door is shaped like a rectangle is because humans is up-and-down, not sideways, and horizontal. For example if it was a parallelogram we would have to move diagonally to get in.

I hope you learned how geometry is used to construct a house. Hope you have a good day.😁

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