Steeplechase Skills Morgan paul

Skill: The water jump in a steeplechaser ase race

Cognitive Skill: Knowing that a steeplechase race is 3000 meters, or seven and a half laps around the tack, and it involves jumping onto a hurdle and into the water.

Perceptual skill: To asses the distance between the you and the next. Hurdle in order to choose the optimal time to jump.

Motor. skills: Using leg muscles in order to run around the track and jump over the hurdles

Gross motor skills are used are used to run long distances and jump onto steeplechase hurdle

Continuous skills are used as one running movements is also the beginning of the next movement.

Steeplechase is externally paced, as the environment, teammates, and the time of the event all play a role in the performance.

Steeplechase involves coactive skills because they are preformed in competition with other runners, but there is no direct confrontation.

Perceptual Motor Skill: Juding where the foot should fall coming off of the hurdle and into the water.

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