Swarthmore Volleyball Newsletter March 2017

Adventures Abroad (Part 2)

An exclusive interview with Swarthmore Volleyball's favorite traveling engineer!

Malia Scott

Where/ what are you studying?

Engineering with Georgia Tech Lorraine Program in Metz, France.

What is your favorite activity/ adventure/ thing that you've done so far?

Getting to travel to a new country every weekend! My favorite place so far has been Munich, Germany.

Favorite food?

That's so hard to answer because one of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try all the different foods. But I think if I had to pick, I wold say the Leige waffles in Belgium. They were amazing!

New words or phrases that you've learned?

I don't think I have any new phrases yet...hopefully I will by the end though!

Multi-Sport Athlete

Rachel Vresilovic

How do your sports complement each other?

Volleyball and track and field complement each other very well. Training for track is definitely going to be beneficial for volleyball, as we work a lot on jumping and short, quick sprints. Coordination is also important in both of my sports, and I think that both sports have been able to help me become more aware of my body. The mental aspect of both volleyball and track and field has been one of the main things that has flowed between them, and has allowed me to really develop that part of myself as an athlete. I think that this is the most important part for me, because learning different ways of dealing with the stress of athletic events has really helped me in both sports.

What is the best thing about being a multi-sport athlete?

I have always been a multi-sport athlete and I think that it is very important to not do only one sport all year. Athletes tend to burn out if they are only doing one thing for 12 months, and I think that being able to switch to another sport allows for the body to regenerate in certain areas, while also giving the mind a rest from doing the same thing over and over again. I have also been able to be part of two different teams, which are both made of amazing and unique people. It has allowed me to really expand the group of people that I know and I now have very close friends on both the volleyball and track teams.

What is the most challenging thing about being a multi-sport athlete?

Time. A single sport athlete has the luxury of having a season off, which allows them to rest, relax and spend time doing things other than school work and their sport. Between volleyball and the beginning of winter track I had one week of a break before I went straight into practice and lifting, and I won't stop until the end of the spring season, which is in May. There is also a challenge of balancing both sports. I dedicate the fall to volleyball and during that time I won't do any track, however then during the winter and spring it is the opposite and I dedicate my time only to track and do not do any volleyball. The challenge with this is that the rest of the volleyball team begins their spring season while I'm in the middle of track, so they'll be getting about an extra two months of playing volleyball than I do. The same thing happens with track during the fall, as my track teammates have practices during that time, but I am in volleyball season so I start practice 2-3 months after everyone else. This is a challenge that I am still working through and still trying to figure out the best way of balancing the two sports, but luckily I have three more years to figure out the best balance between the two.

Community Service

On Wednesday, March 22nd, some team members joined members of the Swarthmore United Methodist Church to make PB&J sandwiches to benefit the Life Center of Eastern Delaware County, where they routinely serve meals to 200 disadvantaged folks daily.

Pictured are Coach Harleigh’s kids, Logan and Calleigh with the finished products all packed up for delivery!


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