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There are many ways to describe myself i describe myself funny,kind,nice,loud,friendly,generous,sporty,and lovely.My name is Faithleen I am 13 years old.When I was born my parents named me Faith at first but then they added the Leen to make it Faithleen. The reason why they thought to call me Faith was because Faith was from the bible but then they thought that heaps of girls would be called Faith so that's why they added Leen to make it Faithleen. My mums name is Temu and My dads name is Rourina but they call him Ina for short.My mum was born in New Zealand and my dad was Born in Atiue. My mum has 6 siblings, she is the oldest out of all of them.My dad has 14 siblings.On my mum side we have 10 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren , and on my dads side we have 32 Grandchildren and 52 Great Grandchildren.

I was born on March the 13th 2004 in New Zealand at MIddlemore Hospital.I am half Samoan and half Cookisland .I mostly know my Samoan family better because we all live in Auckland and my dads side lives in different countries.The last time I travelled to Samoa was when I was 6 years old so that was like 8 years ago.Samoa is a really nice place to travel, the one ting that really bugged me was the weather.In Samoa it is really hot like the sun.I remember when i went to Samoa the weather was so hot that I couldn't stand it, so me and my cousins would go and have a swim at the beach and stay there until it got dark.When I grow up I would want to learn how to speak fluent Samoan so that next time when I travel to Samoa and when someone come up to me and talks Samoan to me i can reply to them.

In my spare time I like watching tv,texting my friends,playing on my Ipad,reading my library books,and playing outside with my cousins.I play wheelchair basketball,wheelchair tennis and Turbo touch.My friends are Mele,Alavina,Angel,Ashmeet,Pranjal,Mayana,Jordan,Michael,Anne,Brooklyn,Reon and Matiaki.My favourite place at home is my room because its nice and peaceful and I am able to get my work done.In the school holidays I like to go to the swimming pools with my cousin.When I'm bored I like to listen to music.

Every Sunday I wake up early in the morning and go to church.My church name is Mangere P.I.P.C church,P.I.P.C stands for Pacific Island Presbyterian Church.At our church we have 4 services the one in the morning is the English service,after that is the Niuen Service,then the Samoan Service and last the Cookisland service .Also at my church we have Sunday School.Sunday School is when kids come in the morning and we have different classes to go to for example whatever age you are you go in that class.In your class we learn verses from the bible,then later on in the year we would have an exam and see who gets the highest. And then at the end of the year once they have got the result they will have a prize giving to the person who got the highest mark. I love going to Church every Sunday because I learn more about God and learn things I didn't know before.

I go to Papatoetoe high school. My favourite subjects in school are PE,Social Studies,English,Food Tech and Art.My favourite teachers at Papatoetoe high school are Mrs Steel, Mr Money, Mr Lal, Mrs Raukura, Miss Boteng, Mr Pattern, Miss Johnson, Mr Babo and Mr Dada.One thing I like about Papatoetoe High school is that we get to stay in the same class for two years with the same people. I also like that on a Wednesday we start school at 9:45 and finish 3:10.Papatoetoe High school is a really big school, at Papatoetoe High school we have a big field a big tennis courts and heaps of building. Also what I like about Papatoetoe High school is that all my classes except one is all on the ground I don't have to go upstairs.My goals for high school is to work hard in school and to try and finish all my assements on time.

So there you go everyone this is all you need to know about me.I hope you guys found it intresting and fun to read, I hope you guys enjoyed reading all about me, My name is Faithleen and this is my story.


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