Freedom Riders freedom riders... peace or violence?

(Q) Washington freedom riders from New York hang signs to protest. They rode interstate buses to try and ban segregation of interstate transportation facilities.

James Zwerg, a white Freedom Rider, photographed after being beaten by a mob at the Montgomery, Alabama, bus terminal, 20 May 1961.

(Q) Freedom rides are protests against segregation by blacks and whites.

Mug shots of Freedom Riders arrested on May 24, 1961, in Jackson, Mississippi
(S) The CORE made freedom rides. Freedom rides was a bus journey through the south trying to ban segregation. The freedom riders tried to convince the president to ban all segregated interstate travel. White freedom riders would go into colored only areas and colored freedom riders would go into white only areas. (Tondeur)

(P) Freedom riders encountered more violence then peace. They were attacked and beaten.

Freedom Riders waiting at bus terminal.

The 13 original freedom riders left Washington to go to New Orleans to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education.

Their plan was to ride through Virginia, the Carolina's, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, ending with a rally in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Solidarity is unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

(P) Thanks to freedom riders, Robert Kennedy petitioned the ICC making segregation illegal in interstate travel. (Tondeur)

National Freedom Riders day.
Freedom Riders waiting to aboard the bus.

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